Dextromathorpan (DXM)

Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by Ocean Byrd, May 25, 2004.

  1. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    What's your opinion on it? For those who don't know, it iss a legal substance that is used as a cough supressant. Although it can be found in many cough and cold remedies, it is (more often than not) accompanied by other chemicals and is thus hard to obtain in a safe formula; I know there are websites out there that sell arond 98% pure amounts for chemical testing.

    In my experience, as long as DXM is the only active ingrediant, the possibility of puking is worth the trip. I, myself, have only tried it twice, the second time was amazing; 780 mg.

    Anyway, how do you feel about this chemical? It is related to Ketamine and PCP, by the way.
  2. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    i have tried DXm once it was roughly a 500 mg dose, i belive this druh is a very good and probably one of the bets legal highs, i suggest to any1, but some of the side effects and long terms effects are bad, DXM is VERY VERY bad on ur liver, some of the side effects during ur high and after it are very bad also, one of the major long terms effetcs ive had is ive lsot some of my typing skillz, i can no longer type correctly and often miss spell words, but overall if u use it reponsibly and on occasion then yes i say go for it, i dunno who said it but i remember a quote "control the substance dont let it control u"

    ps also i found DXM to have slight addiction qualities up to 2 weeks after i took it i was noticing that every time i was alone i would think about getting high again and everytime i went to the store i would just stare at the cough syrup isle
  3. mowgli

    mowgli Member

    i don't claim to be an expert on the subject of DXM, but.........i find it difficult to believe that 1 trip has had ANY major, long-term side effects on you. I was under the impression that you have to either take a few really big doses, or use it chronically (every other day or more) for the stuff to actually effect you. and another thing........if it did effect you... surely it wouldn't make ur typing skills any better or worse, it would just fuck you up in the head. Like i say i'm no expert but just givin my opinion


  4. mofojackson

    mofojackson Member

    I just took somewhere around 360mg about 2 hours ago. It kinda sucks because I haven't reached any kind of hallucination level yet but really, you can't screw up your typing skills from 1 dose of 500 mg. If anything screwed you up it was a different drug.
  5. mofojackson

    mofojackson Member

    Oh and another thing, DXM makes me itchy as fuck! Goddamn I can't stop rubbing myself it's so annoying.
  6. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    ya thats normal, also if u only took like 250 u wont hallucinate, with 500 i had mild-avergae hallucinations nothing full blown, i insist u try clsoign ur eyes and looking for visuals those were the most intense for me
  7. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    i believe the itching thing comes from being related to opiates. same with the cough suppressant effects. ive never done dex but the itching on opiates is a fantastic feeling just to lay there and scratch.
  8. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    DXM isn't related to opiates, it's a dissacociative (or however you spell it), like PCP. Also, I don't think 500 mg of DXM messed up your typing skills; I took 780 mg and can type fine. Of course, that wasn't all-to pleasant that time, I used Coriciden Cough and Cold because I couldn't find any Robitussen Cough Gels, and didn't learn until later that I'd taken almost 4 times the suggested limit for the anti-hestimine (can't spell that either >_<). My parents took me into the ER because my heart was racing (normal side effect of DXM) and I got pumped and had to spend the night in the cardiac unit; that sucked.

    Never, EVER, take 26 CCC pills.

    I don't think I overdosed, but it was better safe than sorry.
  9. cshroom

    cshroom Member

    no dude dont go for ccc go for DEX ALONE or DESLYUM 12 its pure
  10. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    I know this, that's why I said to not take CCC...

    Robitussen Cough Gels!! GO GO!!
  11. jtryp

    jtryp Member

    >>>>>DXM isn't related to opiates

    well DXM's stereoisomer is levomethorphan... an opiate.
    but it dosn't bind to opiate receptors. to say it's unrelated to
    opiate is false but so is to say it is an opiate. :cool:
  12. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Oh well, that would explain how I tested positive for opiates when I was in the hospital then...
  13. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    ya dude the evil c's as my friends call it are just evil waiting to get out, and ya also i ended up in the er cause my heart stopped it was still beating like 80bpm wen i was resting but i decided i had to walk around my house and it got up to 140 bpm and my herat stopped and i passed out not much fun getting pumpmed either
  14. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    ya some of the chemicals i heard in DXm are related to opiates as i also tested positive for opiates
  15. crackforkids

    crackforkids Senior Member

    has anybody been up and above 1,000mg's?

    i tried it at a hotel party and it was off the chain. dont expect much, its like a DEEP K hole or somethin. CrAzY
  16. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    dextromethorphan isn't an opiate but it IS related to opiates.
  17. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    Someday, I will take 1,000 mg of powder DXM and either mushies or LSD; now that would be a trip of enlightenment.
  18. xaosflux

    xaosflux Sysop Lifetime Supporter

    DXM is considered a dissacociative anesthetic (sp?). It is in the same class of drugs as Ketamine and PCP. It is not an opiate.
  19. Ocean Byrd

    Ocean Byrd Artificial Energy

    No, it is not, but it has some agents that are in opiates; that's what was discussed earlier.
  20. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    no dxm has no agents in it that are opiates. what the fuck does that mean anyways? dxm is closely related to the opiates not in the effects (except for the cough suppressant abilities and maybe a few other things) it gives but chemically it is related. dxm is a disassociative anaesthetic but that has nothing to do with its chemical make up only its pharmacology.

    DXM is the dextro isomer of 3-Methoxy-N-methylmorphinan. Levorphanol which is a very powerful synthetic opiate is the levo isomer of 3-Hydroxy-N-methylmorphinan. Is that proof enough that it's chemically related to opiates?

    I believe though I'm not sure that DXM was originally synthesized when scientists were looking for a chemical which had the same cough-suppressant effects as the opiates without giving an opiate high. I believe the only reason it is not considered an opiate is because its effects are so different.

    Does anyone know how chemists actually define opiate?

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