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  1. Hasjtag

    Hasjtag Member

    Hello there,

    I wanted to share a really good Dutch psychedelic blues/rock band you've probably never heard of.

    DeWolff has released 3 albums and 1 EP so far and did a lot of concerts and festivals in- and outside of the Netherlands.

    My favorite song from them is 'Medicine'. Love to listen to it when I'm high.[link]

    Personally I think their first abum 'Strange Fruits and Undiscovered Plants' is the best. The other two albums are more spychedelic however.

    This video and song is also worth checking:

    Oh, and they are also great live performers by the way.

    Tell me what you think about them. :)
  2. offset

    offset Senior Member

    Got 'em on kick a mighty psychedelic ASS:):):)
  3. They honestly suck, I've seen 'm live a couple of times. These people haven't even tripped before but they try to make psychedelic music. It's ego fueled music.

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