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Discussion in 'Michigan' started by sonik, May 11, 2004.

  1. sonik

    sonik Member

    Anybody from South Eastern Michigan?

  2. AoXoMoXoA420

    AoXoMoXoA420 Member

  3. graven

    graven Member

    Hm..okay whats so great about Ann Arbor?

    I must have missed out on something, as I've watched the cops get progressively harsher with the homeless and the travellers (and locals), they've switched the shelter to be run by the city government rather then volunteers (meaning everyone who goes to get free food gets their names run by the Ann Arbor Police) So if you have any kind of record you avoid the free meals.

    They've banned vendors at the hash bash, they've banned the naked mile, they've made it illegal to spange within a certain distance of the businesses, the cops will use whatever excuse they can and give you plenty of tickets if they don't like you...
    You're not allowed to be on university property if you're not a student (which they enforce randomly)
    Ann Arbor is just a corporate little town thats run by a big university.
    If you aren't a student you'd better appear to be or you WILL get harrassed.

    Personally, I like Detroit and the metro better.
  4. sonik

    sonik Member

    Maybe someday Ill take you up on that offer. Unfortunatley im in the posistion of looking for a new job right now and with that comes the possibility of a drug test. ug

    I havn't had anything in months!

  5. Jesus~

    Jesus~ Member

    I live in West Bloomfield.

    Its very preppy and Jewish.

    VERY. [​IMG]

    IM me @ eviloilaliens
  6. sonik

    sonik Member


  7. sonik

    sonik Member


    vote for the coop!
  8. SurfhipE

    SurfhipE Senior Member

    SE MI right here......Ann Arbors great man, I love it....Detroit?? ehh NOT so great...still fun though
  9. bathory231

    bathory231 Member

    I'm from SE Michigan.
  10. SurfhipE

    SurfhipE Senior Member

    dude we need to all come together and peace out..heh
  11. Farmington hills, I'm always down to meet new people.
    AIM: brokenwingz425
    or pm me
  12. spiderallis

    spiderallis Member

    I'm in Dearborn, but eventually (end of summer maybe if things go well enough) I'm moving to downtown Detroit with my sweetie. Going to Wayne State and trying to get out my antisocial funk, so if you know any fun hang outs or other neato local stuff spread the word- email me if you'd like-
    Have lots of fun and as many hugs as you'd like-
  13. SurfhipE

    SurfhipE Senior Member

    hehe wish I could but couldn't help you out, I'm in the whole same antisocial funk too.
  14. Mrs.Plant

    Mrs.Plant Member

    I was born in Rochester Hills, Michigan. yay!
  15. Are there any events coming up that people might go to?
  16. SurfhipE

    SurfhipE Senior Member

    good question! I'd like to know that too..............
  17. spiderallis

    spiderallis Member

    There's an art fair in Wyandotte this weekend, on Biddle (aka West Jefferson), there's usually some good art to gawk at there, and the park they've got along the river is a fairly nice place to chill for while.
    Have fun, and as many hugs as you'd like-
  18. SurfhipE

    SurfhipE Senior Member

    Hey everyone in MI!

    Has anyone heard of this PEACE FEAST thing?! I think it sounds like a totally groovy idea, problem is it is in Ohio and I really have no way of getting there, which is a total bummer! I think that we should put something together in Michigan.....what does anyone else think? I know a perfect spot for it, anyways, if anyone is interested let me would be totally hip!
  19. spiderallis

    spiderallis Member

    psst- go look for the local stuff on the rainbow family pages ( they have a local get together around the end of the ann arbor art fair (this weekend) at the arboritum? or someplace like that- utterly groovy people, the bestest hugs you'll ever get- go find the great lakes rainbow page, I know you can do it- I'd do it for ya but I'm too sleepy to read it if I found it, so g'nite, have fun and many many donuts.
  20. crummyrummy

    crummyrummy Brew Your Own Beer Lifetime Supporter

    I am not from there but I willbe in the area of Jackson Next week.

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