Describe Your First Lesbian Kiss!

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Joanie01, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Joanie01

    Joanie01 Member

    Similar to a previous thread, please describe your first lesbian kiss! How was it?? Share anything you'd like, the way you'd like. Again, I love hearing these stories. :) Thanks girls!
  2. silk896

    silk896 Member

    Stunning !!!

    Kissing is still, for me at least, the most important part of foreplay - and other women get it. Too often, guys don't.
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  3. Adina

    Adina Member

    The first time I kissed a girl was about two years ago, but in that time i wasn't lesbian or bi...happened at a birthday party of a girl :)
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  4. Ninax3

    Ninax3 New Member

    The first time I kissed a girl, I was 11 and she was 14. She was my friend since we were little kids. One day we were play fighting and she got on top of me and pinned me down. Next thing I know she was staring me in my eyes. She leaned in and kissed me slow and I kissed her back passionately.
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  5. jerrilynn

    jerrilynn Member

    All I can say was it was electrifying. My whole body responded
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  6. jerrilynn

    jerrilynn Member

    I agree 100%. I love to kiss.And, yeah, women get it.
  7. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    It was just a few weeks ago. I've known I was into girls for a while now, and finally decided to go on a date with a woman I had been talking to. She knew how nervous I was so she asked permission to kiss me. I was like a blushing school girl, and I said I wished she had just done it instead of asking. So she said okay, leaned in and kissed me. I melted immediately. I had never known that women's lips were that much softer and plump. Long story short, it was amazing.
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  8. SpacerZS8

    SpacerZS8 Member

    I don't know, I would have been flattered if she asked first, it shows she's totally in tune with your emotions. (Dreamy sigh) that is an amazing first kiss though.
  9. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    Oh it was definitely a sweet gesture for her to do. I was just so nervous about it that I would have preferred it be a surprise so I wouldn't have to panic while I prepare for it. I'm very shy in those situations, at least in the beginning. That first kiss was just about two months ago and I still enjoy every kiss like that first one :)
  10. TerrallAlexis

    TerrallAlexis Member

    Everyone here had such good first kisses with girls. So jealous. My first kiss happened in a threesome with a guy. It sucked because I was so turned off by another guy in the same bed.
  11. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter

    soft, sweet..
  12. lostluvr

    lostluvr Member

    mine hasnt happened cuz ive never kissed a girl that i really like so theres no magic sparks haha..i had my first sober kiss last week my coworker took it from me...kinda bummed since im not into her like that and didnt see it coming
  13. 2gay2function

    2gay2function Member

    I was at a sleepover and the girl had a crush on me.
    She kept on pressuring me to kiss her, but I didn't want to, because I thought I was straight.
    I finally gave in and kissed her, but I regretted it.
    Not because I was "straight" though, because I just didn't like her.
    I figured out I was a lesbian when I had a crush on a friend, and it was nothing like the crushes I've had on guys.
  14. sunflower84

    sunflower84 Guest

    First lesbian kiss was good. Was soft, fairly paced. I was transitioning from being straight to lesbian. The thought of kissing a females lips was so naughty yet tempting that it made that moment even more sweeter. Although my first kiss with my gf was more amazing. It definately brought out a side of me that i was repressing. You gotta love the art of kissing.
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  15. Metal Groomp

    Metal Groomp Member

    Unless if my mom counts, then no, I have not kissed a girl ever. Depressing, right?

    I feel so lonely compared to the rest of you... :bigcry:
  16. Sw33tnP3tit3

    Sw33tnP3tit3 New Member

    My first lesbian kiss took place in the front seat of her truck. The tension was thick, the night was cold, and her hand was hot between my thighs. Her lips were perfect and were calling for me to join. So of course I complied! I gently grabbed her face and gave her a kiss sweeter than honey. I nibbled and suckled on her bottom lip until a slight moan escaped her mouth. Need I say more?!?
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  17. Mattekat

    Mattekat Ice Queen of The North

    It happened at a house party when I was in highschool. I was almost blackout drunk and was lying in someone's bed and in came a girl who apparently had a big crush on me back then. She just climbed onto me and started making out with me. I don't remember it well because of the alcohol but she was pretty drunk too. Eventually she started trying to take my clothes off and I said no I'm too drunk. I think I passed out shortly after. I really enjoyed it, I just didn't want my first lesbian experience to be when I was in such a state. I had hoped we would continue the next morning or something, but she was too embarassed the next day to do anything after her actions the night before, and I was too nervous, so it never went anywhere.
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  18. IAmMaxieHearMeRoar

    IAmMaxieHearMeRoar Maxie Lee Courtland-Colton

    In 7th grade, I was helping one of my friends, who I had a slight crush on, with her homework in her room. Basically, out of nowhere, we just started making out, which was made better by the taste of her strawberry kiwi lip gloss lol. This went on for about 45 minutes, but there was no sex involved. Long story short, it was awkward being around each other after it happened, and we never talked about it. Up to that point, I had been confused and curious about my sexuality, but after that episode, despite how awkward it was and despite it happening with a close friend, I knew I was gay after that.
  19. vina

    vina Member

    I had my first kiss at a sleep over. She was my best friend and I had a huge crush on her. So we are in bed and I just press a chaste kiss on her lips but she opened her mouth and well, everything went from there.

    We didn't have sex though and I felt real dirty about it. We never talked about it till today. I was 14 then and being gay is still a crime over here soon...
  20. Look@me

    Look@me Member

    It was awesome and i admit she was a good kisser... those were the days tho

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