describe 1st time a guy came in your mouth

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by gboud, May 11, 2007.

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  1. jennasays

    jennasays Member

    Actually I didn't even notice that he did, there was so much spit already, it seemed like all the same to me. lol.
  2. genie_man

    genie_man Member

    it was really early in the morning, i just woke up and then came masses lol, but she swallowed it really quickly and loved it lol
  3. profezzor_x

    profezzor_x Member

    Gotta love those wet bj's...
  4. niacloane

    niacloane Guest

    it really was my first time. me and my boyfriend came into his house then when we got into his room he was like teasing me. he removed his pants slowly then instructed me to get close to him the he kissed me and then i suddenly fell into the sofa then he was like blowing me up already. its kinda gross but the feeling ints unexplainable. arggh. :))
  5. xxwhoadang

    xxwhoadang Member

    i'm always so confused as to why some ladies spit... no one enjoys getting their eyebrows waxed but its over in a few seconds. the same with swallowing. and if a guy was eatin you out and things were getting particularly juicy-- what if he had to walk over somewhere else and spit? i would be pissed. the first time i blew a guy i swallowed, it just seemed kind of rude not to. that would kill the mood for me.
  6. SamanthaJean

    SamanthaJean Member

    Blehg argh uhm.. But when he moaned like that, I was satisfied. oh god.


  7. my nut taste sweat and puts young girls in a state of bliss
  8. narcissist

    narcissist Member

    Everytime we have sex we have variations of how i'll finish him off. Sometimes i let him cum in me, on me, in my mouth....

    The first time he did, i didn't swallow. But I did the next time and continued to. Not the greatest taste or texture but it lasts less than 30 seconds so I just get it over with.
  9. Englishman

    Englishman Member

    I had an Iranian girlfriend who told me there were two things she would never let me do: 'Come in my mouth and stick it up the back' (her words). I'd licked her so many times, with so much pleasure, and one day she asked if I would come in her mouth. I was a bit reluctant because I assumed she wouldn't like it. I said 'No, I'll pull it out and come on your tits.' She insisted. I came and it was fantastic, she sucked and sucked and pulled my cock in deeper and deeper. Then she said she felt sick.
  10. ChloeB

    ChloeB Guest

    I was very young and pretty scared. He was a friend of the family who was babysitting me for the evening.
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