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    Influenced by the "cheap living for dummies". Gaining money can always be troublesome. But i saw some episodes with derren brown, and the way he "cons" people into giving them money (sure, in a sense it is stealing, but lets forget that for the moment) by just misleading and confusing.

    For those who havnt seen Derren Brown, he is a "illusionist" kind of. In one show he was seen going to a ticket booth at a horse racing track and offering the lady in the booth a losing ticket, but speaking of it beeing a winning ticket with such confidence (he even hits the side of the booth to strengthen his point) that the lady double checks, and confirms that it is indeed a winning ticket, and hands him the money. Or other times Mr Brown has walked up to strangers and asked for directions and such, and then asked to hold their wallet which the dude just hands over without hesitation, and after a while he just walks away (the "victim" gets his wallet back in the end).

    Has anybody tried any of these "tricks" with success? =P
    (just for fun)

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