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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by pulie, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. pulie

    pulie Member

    Nothing here for me. That's the way I think about this world when I wake up in the morning. Im trying to be social, talk to people all the time and try to get some emotions out, but they always turn me down. Am I doing something wrong? Why doesn't anybody care? Nobody call's, nobody want's to be with me. Nobody even talks anymore. Actually Im tired of searching for flaws inside myself, it only makes things worse. I've come to the conclusion, this is a sick world we live in, where people only think about their own pleasures and nevermind loving each other. I'd rather be dead than live in this place.
  2. brax

    brax Member

    Hang in there pulie things will get better. don't be doing any crazy shit. Things always get better.
  3. Kizen

    Kizen Member

    when you smile

    the world smiles back

    when your sad

    the world is sad too :(
  4. brax

    brax Member


    There's some words of wisdom
  5. pulie

    pulie Member

    I wish it was that easy. I can't smile at everything. This world is so horrible in so many ways. It just feels like Im lying to myself, if I face it just smiling. Nobody understands anyways. Sometimes I get high, and then Im quite happy for some time, but it doesn't really help with the problem. Because the problem isn't in my head. This sexist materialistic emotionles gray world is the problem. If self suggesting (like you said, this world get better if you think it that way, 'smiling at it') is the key, isn't it the same if I sleep this whole life off.
  6. eyeagainsteye

    eyeagainsteye Member

    The world is definitely what you say..there is no natural affection within mankind..lovers of themselves, lovers of money..
  7. Those short days without any sunlight can get to a person
  8. brax

    brax Member

    life can suck or it can be pleasant, if depends on where you focus. you can find pleasant upbeat things to focus on or negative disturbing things to focus on. I can find happiness in a cup of tea, or a hot cinnamon roll just out of the oven. i get the "sexist materialistic emotionles gray world is the problem" blues myself, but then i need to find a sunny spot to sit in and relax and find comfort in the fact that that bird i hear singing doesn't give a fuck about the military industrial complex or corporate biased government policies, and in the big scheme of the universe they all matter about the same.
  9. foxer

    foxer Member

    if you want to meet good people try some kind of support meeting like A.A., N.A. you dont have to have a problem with substance abuse to go to most of them, just look for open meetings, those people are for the most part exepting of everyone and like to find people to hang with
  10. audiovisions

    audiovisions Member

    Its all about perspective, if you focus on negative things all the time you will feel negative, and people just really do not want to be around negative people. If you just try to focus on positive things, you will find out that more positive things will happen to you, and so on and so forth. Happiness comes from within, not from other people.
  11. pulie

    pulie Member

    Guess you all are right, I should think more about the positive things in life. The little things. It's all in my mind, I know that. I guess this life is meant to be alone. I don't know. Maybe I should just stop worrying about everything. Thanks for the support everyone :eek:
  12. vasik

    vasik Member

    Show Must Go On !
  13. LucidOne

    LucidOne Member

    hey pulie, I kind of have the same problem. I feel like theres nothing in this world for me...not really because im depressed, just because they way the world operates and how society is. I feel alone to. I have a girlfriend, who is actually my best friend and only friend lol (besides family). I don't know what it is about me, I don't make friends easily and I've easily lost ones that I've made. It's bizarre because I'm actually a pretty nice guy lol.

    I think the best thing you can do is keep a positive attitude. You are what you think. You think positive things and positive things will start to happen. Think as your mind as a garden. The thoughts you think are the seeds you plant in your garden. When you plant bad thoughts into your minds garden they grow into bad things. Your thoughts manifest into reality, whether its future thoughts or situations.

    If you need someone to talk to about anything drop me a message my friend.
  14. its true..

    i know, when i didnt feel best, i avoided several friends who were negative and depressed...

    and now when i feel like crap,
    some of them are here for me, nevertheless:)
    thats nice.....

    and i try not to exploit their kindness too much..

    just give a ring to someone with some positive thing, once twice,
    its like PR for yourself,

    and then when u hang out, you will feel better,
    and next time you will not need to act like u r positive:))
  15. Etherwind27

    Etherwind27 Member

    You are like me, pulie... I am the cast-out character of all the stories of all the people who are living around me. You have to understand that there is no such thing as "you" - there is no such thing as "people" or "society" or whatever frame you want to put the others in. There is only "you & the world" TOGETHER, there is no separating! The state of your world guides your choices, your choices determine the state of your world, and you are free to choose always. No splitting that law. We exist in the minds of others just as much as we exist in our own mind, even though many have forgotten how to acknowledge that, their spirits are clogged with cholesterol. But Pulie!! we are outcasts, those were the cards the dealers dealt us, and any hand is a winner if you play it right. We have the advantage of invisibility... we have no pressure from the snags of status-quo expectations other than the ones we put on ourselves... and we can always choose to stop that - not through death... death is what the stuck-up bitches and jock assholes and executive producers and wanna-be gangstas - the shopping obsessed house wife - the 34 year old clerk who never left his mothers basement - that is a slow IV stream of death! I advise you to consciously choose to live. Then you won't have to feel obligated to live on a faceless entitie's terms.
  16. RandomOne

    RandomOne Member

    I think there is more wisdom in these few words than the OP is realizing. I'm also alone right now, it happens to everybody, there are cycles and phases in your life...

    If you cheer someone else up, they will try to cheer you up back sometime. if you make someone laugh they will see you as a person they can laugh with and try to make you laugh sometime. you can go deeper to the psychology of this but the point is it works :) don't talk about the negative stuff, just focus on positivity, if you surround yourself with positive thoughts people around you will also think positive.. Good luck and just know that there are millions of people out there like you.. just waiting to meet someone like them to have a blast with.. it will happen.

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