Depleted Uranium (Worthy of Protesting Against!)

Discussion in 'Protest' started by cozmo_g, Aug 27, 2005.

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    The government has tons of corrosive UF6 gas in corroding cannisters that it doesn't know what to do with. Some of it is down at Oak Ridge. The government has gone to the research community hoping that someone will come up with a way of putting it in a form where it is not volatile.

  4. AannaSolo

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    Thanks Cozmo - you are not wrong. I rekon this alone makes the American govt. sicker than Hitler...
  5. matthew

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  6. AannaSolo

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    Hitler burnt people - Bush creates genetic mutations.
    Oh and Matthew, all your arguments are nwo propaganda bullshit. Go kiss Rush's ass...
  7. da420

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    comparing Bush to hitler is fucking think it's his fault that there is depleted uranium? this shit has been sitting around before Bush has been in office.
  8. matthew

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    I have not questioned your thoughts on DU.. just the cliched and tiresome and ugly comparison to Hitler..

    This website was developed in May 2003 by students of Geography 378 (International Environmental Problems & Policy) at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, to examine the connections between the Iraq War and the energy polices of the United States and the world community. The recent conflict in Iraq, and the aftermath of the 2003 invasion, has focused attention on global environmental issues in several ways. First, recent wars in Iraq have been fought in a country with a delicate ecosystem and historic cultural sites. In this desert environment, the wars have generated a water crisis for the civilian population. The marshy environment of southern Iraq has also been drained by the former government, which also set fire to oil wells and trenches.

    Second, the munitions of war directed against Iraq possess distinct environmental risks. An example is the use of Depleted Uranium metal, which has generated controversy around the world, particularly in Iraq. The munitions, oil fires, and chemicals in Iraq's wars may be contributed factors to Gulf War Syndrome, a term for symptoms reported both by U.S. veterans and by Iraqis themselves. Poor medical conditions in Iraq have been worsened by economic sanctions and by postwar humanitarian crisis.

    Third, the question of bio-chemical weapons has loomed over Iraq. Chemical weapons were used by both Iraqi and Iranian troops in the 1980s. The U.S. destruction of Iraqi weapons in 1991 also contaminated the air. Nuclear fears have also shaped the conflict, and not only in the effort to thwart Iraqi development of nuclear arms. Nuclear options have been explored to defeat Iraq, including the use of tactical "bunker-buster" nukes.

    Just a bit of a balanced point thats all i am saying..Iraqis used DU also .. they are all as bad as one another if you want to shoulder the blame on somebody shoulders ..spread it evenly.
  9. LickHERish

    LickHERish Senior Member

    DU was used IN Iraq not BY Iraq. Such bogus claims are part and parcel of the ongoing, extremely inbalanced pro-war mantra.

    Iraq did not posses the technology, materials nor processes for developing DU munitions. It remains a US introduced atrocity to the country and its people. One of a roster of decades long war crimes for which people like yourself continue to make apology.
  10. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    Was i not clear, sorry. DU within weapons casing was used by iraqis at some point .. I don't think if the insurgency [in the present time] got there hands on weapons containing DU..they would not have any qualms about not useing them. We have no real clue what weapons they are using anyway, do we ?. DU is also used in commercial aeroplanes, is Richard Branson a comparative figure to Hitler also.. ?.
  11. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    One of the issues with DU is that when the metal burns you get a volatile oxide that is radioactive and that can be inhaled. In a battleground setting you can have situations where the metal is burning.

    DU bullets can also atomize after striking the target and go airborn or contaminate the soil in the area. It's not something you want in your lungs. The body will abosorb some of it from the lungs. There's a risk of kidney damage due to the toxicity of DU and a risk bone cancer due to the radiation it emits if it collects in the bones.

    Stating that DU has been used in commercial aircraft doesn't mean that there aren't any deleterious effects on troops using it in battlefield situations. DU was once used for counterweights in the wings of commecial aircraft. In the solid form of a counterweight it's not a hazard to passengers. I'm not sure if anyone is still using it for new aircraft. The worst case would be an air crash where the wing and DU caught fire and contaminated the area with DU vapors.

  12. Trog131065

    Trog131065 Member

    The American goverment is the most evil power ever and they better look out
  13. da420

    da420 Banned

    haha...good shit...
  14. Trog131065

    Trog131065 Member

    Every one since the Nuck bomb tests over the years has being contaminated with rediation and poisoned with pluetonium, Thats why we are all fucked with cancer and it's gone gynetical. The govements who own these fucking things have allot to answer to when the time comes!!! They as you know, fill peoples heads with all the crap and watch as you all walk around looking like serfs. Mother nature is fucking having Banshees because of the way man is destroying her in so many ways and the path of man is paved in blood and all for the lust of money and power. "Koyaanisqatsi"Koyaanisqatsi"Koyaanisqatsi"Koyaanisqatsi"Koyaanisqatsi"
  15. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    An excerpt from Wikepedia that someone else here posted in another thread:

    "Aircraft may also contain depleted uranium counterweights (a Boeing 747 may contain 400–1,500kg). However there is some controversy about its use in this application because of concern about the uranium entering the environment should the aircraft crash, since the metal can oxidise to a fine powder in a fire. This was highlighted by the collision of two Boeing 747s at Tenerife Airport in 1977 when the resulting fire consumed 3000kg of the material. (Another well-known crash with DU release was the Bijlmermeer disaster in 1992 in Amsterdam.) Consequently its use has been phased out in many newer aircraft, for example both Boeing and McDonnell-Douglas discontinued using DU counterweights in the 1980s."

  16. taxrefund90

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    so because it was there before he was in office, that means it's not his fault that he used it. bush, clinton, and bush II are sick for using this stuff. but i guess since iraq has been bombarded with uranium, it's okay to do it again.

    still, it's wrong to compare bush to hitler and bush. bush, no matter how much i dislike him, is not a psychopath like hitler
  17. matthew

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    I was making a ridiculous comparison, to a equaly ridiculous comparison.
    Would you agree or disagree that since it's first use .. the 'hazard' it supposedly causes have been lessened ... people panic when they hear it is 'radioactive' etc but over a decades worth of research into it's effects, has lowered the potentiality for it being such a huge issue.. Not to dismiss it completly of course.. I did post a few links about it earlier, though i won't say any more as of course i will be accused of all manner of things [for sure].

    I was interested it being the reason the Pentagon 'radiated' more after 9/11.. because of it's use in aeroplanes...
  18. AannaSolo

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    Suffice to say, these bombs should not be used by anyone, ever...
  19. matthew

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  20. shaggie

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    It's more a matter of what form it is in and where it goes. If you had a plate of solid DU in front of you it wouldn't harm you. The half-life is very long which means it radiates slowly. If it's in particle form and goes into you lungs and the rest of the body then it's a risk because of the toxicity and radiation. Gold is inert and harmless in solid form but if it's in particle form in the body it can cause hearing loss and other problems.

    The U.S. military is trying to find a replacement for DU because of it's hazards. DU has the advantage that it's malleable and readily available (people are trying to get rid of stockpiles of UF6 gas in storage leftover from the cold war). Some options are tungsten, which is dense, but polycrystalline tungsten shatters on impact. Single crystal tungsten would work but it's difficult to make single crystals in large quantity cheaply. Other dense metals such as rhenium and osmium are expensive. Maybe someone will come up with an inexpensive tungsten alloy that is malleable.


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