Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by Chongo Blanco, May 10, 2004.

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    I agree, hmmmmmmmm, and yet decidedly less fascist than Bush....
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    THE ELECTION WAS STOLLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t remember whom they elected President and Vice President.

    To prove it they give their selection of leader of the free world LEADERSHIP less support than elected democrats gave GWB to go to war. Remember the primaries? Al said go for, duh, I don’t think he said Kerry and Joe said go for me. Democrats have short memories, which don’t even last the limit of the term of the persons they elect. Very touchy feely! Don’t get upset by the truth!

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    Democrats are not less fascist than Republicans. It is naive to think that, not to mention altogether false. Both parties are controlled by the same underlying evil. Learn some history.

    To me, Democrats are just a bunch of big phonies who know nothing other than how to pander to special interest groups. The entire party thrives on special interest groups and people with a lot of money.

    Of course I have nothing good to say about Republicans either. I think both parties are full of shit and have done nothing but lead this country in the wrong direction.

    Democrats and Republicans share one common trait in that they share a lack of progressive thinking, though the Democrats sure like to pretend.

    At least the Republican party doesn't try to hide the fact that they're assholes and care for nobody other than themselves.

    Do you really think people like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry care about the poor and the disadvantaged in this country? No, they only care about using these people and exploiting them to get votes.

    It's kind of like how frauds like Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton use black people to advance their own political agendas. These people are nothing more than self-serving liars.
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    Green Party!!

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    Pressed Rat, kudos on pointing out the simple truth about our two party system. Part of the problem of public discourse in the US is that people still believe that one or the other party actually concerns itself with the common welfare of the nation. Neither do, since both have long become the mouthpieces of special corporate interests.

    The frightening truth that most of the public seems content to remain blissfully unaware of is just how much of our corporate owned society (media, press, energy, etc..) can be ultimately traced back to our largest military suppliers (GE for example owns the entire NBC network along with MSNBC). The concept of fair and balanced reporting as well as the monotonous claims of "liberal bias" in our domestic media are utter myths. The interests served by our media are purely corporate interests and those interests back whomever will keep the public sated (Democrat or Republican it matters little) and the elitest status quo unchallenged.

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