Democratic vs. Republican occupations

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Toecutter, Sep 13, 2021.

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  2. ~Zen~

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    I am interested... I read an article in the Washington Post about Verdant Labs (creator of said charts) and here is a bit of info:

    "Verdant Labs, which makes a baby names app, recently published an extensive chart on the average political affiliations of various professions. To create the graphic, the company aggregated data from the Federal Election Commission on contributions to political parties, and used that information as a proxy for political views."

    This was created over a year ago during the election. Wonder who actually paid for it, now way of telling.
  3. ~Zen~

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    It is interesting to see the divisions amongst professions. Very interesting.
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  4. scratcho

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    The last three are pretty instructive.
  5. Tishomingo

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    I dunno. Democrat taxi drivers? I'm thinking of the one I got stuck with in Chicago who played "Savage Nation" throughout the twenty-minute ride. I was thinking of reducing the tip, but thought he'd beat me up.
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  6. Toecutter

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    I was surprised about the car sales, I was expecting a 50-50 split.
  7. erofant

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    Is it ANY surprise that the highest-paying, most lucrative professions are Republican-dominated?? Does that affiliation of high-compensation professions with the REPUBLICAN PARTY transcribe to the way tax laws are - & have been - written by THE REPUBLICAN PARTY??? Left out were top-level executives, CPA's ........... who are also HUGELY Republican.

    If you're a "peon" Republican ............ working at some "everyday job" - not a top-level, "upper-crust" type ............ you're getting steam-rolled by the very same unfair tax laws and REPUBLICAN - WRITTEN legislation as any Democrat, Independent, Green Party person. Party name tag doesn't equate to better tax and legislative treatment ................ income level is the determining factor. BIG MONEY wins - the rest of us lose.

    Time to recognize REALITY.

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