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how do you relate to deity?

  1. Its much more powerful than me, I worship deity

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  2. I work hand in hand with it in an equal way

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  3. I summon Deity to do my bidding

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  4. It would depend witch one, my relationship differs with different deities

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  5. none of the above please see thread for more info

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  1. NightOwl1331

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    I believe that there is nothing outside of God. God created all that exists out of Itself, so we are all a part of God. So I feel no need to worship the supreme formless God. But I believe that there are what you could call higher beings that we can worship. But they are all still part of the supreme God. Everything is God and it is all very beautiful. :)
  2. Samhain

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    Absolutly, i have a belief in different gods, but i accept that a part of this is that the human mind cannot truely ever grasp the true vast nature of god which is everything, so we simplify it into higher beings and different gods that we can grasp and this also is a way to reach the true divine


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