Defective Nvidia RTX Cards

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by wooleeheron, Nov 1, 2018.

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    The Founders edition of the RTX 2000 series are turning up defective. While its normal to have a few cards turn out to be defective, they are seeing possibly as many as a third of these Founders editions and nobody has a clue how widespread the problem might be. Nvidia falling on their ass hard is exactly what the market could use to bring down prices, so wish them bad luck. I have little sympathy for those who bought them, knowing they are three times more expensive then they should be.
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    This isn't even the first time they're guilty of this. 10 years ago they released a bad batch of GeForce-series cards, where the sub-par solder that they used failed, and killed the card, rendering the entire machine useless, if you couldn't source a replacement GFX card anywhere. I lost a laptop this way. "Baking" the card in an oven temporarily fixed the issue by reflowing the solder, but this only bought you enough time to recover your files from the machine. Eventually the fucking things would stop working completely. Which is why I'm now boycotting ANYTHING ever made by NVidia. Their quality control is horseshit.
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    Nvidia is all about the latest bells and whistles and their products resemble the video games they play on them, which are overhyped and buggy upon release. Next year will hopefully put Nvidia and Microsoft on the back burner for a change, and prevent them from taking advantage of all the idiots out there just begging to be taken advantage of. As usual, Microsoft is pushing to become an xBox monopoly along with windows, but Linux is poised to provide a seriously cheap alternative that can play games.

    Either Nvidia or someone introduces path tracing technology or something else, or they are about to be undercut by everyone in the business. They can barely do ray tracing affordably, and the open source community can kick their ass in ray tracing. Nvidia's tensor cores are nothing more than arithmetic accelerators and Nvidia has merely introduced more proprietary versions of open source technology. Without some new and amazing bell and whistle nobody can live without, AMD will start cutting into their consumer markets with a vengeance.

    There can be over $500.oo difference just in the cost of the motherboard and processor, then you have to deal with Microsoft as well for a stupid operating system. The only way out of that circle jerk is by jumping ship.
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    Still better than AMD
  5. We might have already talked about this, and it's not really about graphics cards, but I heard that AMD's processors run horribly warm compared to Intel's.

    Did you own one of these failing cards, or just happen to hear about it?
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    Nvidia's huge advantage over AMD is their drivers are much better and up to date, and they have the latest bells and whistles, because they control most of the market. Once AI circuitry is integrated into all the next generation hardware that distinction will close to almost zero, because the AI circuitry will make bugs a thing of the past. AMD's Vega is not great for gaming, but its great for bitcoin and HPC, but it is the first graphics card ever manufactured that tells the video game how to load instead of the other way around. Basically, AMD is eliminating all the bandwidth issues and bugs in order to produce the cheapest and most reliable products, and Nvidia is working on their own processor technology, but we'll have to wait and see how well they can do.

    Forget about the race for the best gpu, the new race is to put enough power onto a single chip cheap enough to play 1440p resolutions at high frame rates. There's no reason in the world you can't do that on a single 30 watt chip, and that's enough power to do serious VR applications as well, and add in AMD's own version of tensor cores, which they are now collaborating with the original manufacture of such circuitry in integrating into their gpu. These are all plans they've been working on for over a decade and now we get to see how all the pieces come together over the next two years. Imagine the power of a next generation console or typical PC rig, on a single 30 watt chip that fits in a box the size of a lunch box, and you see where this is going. Nobody will give a shit anymore about who makes the contents.

    Intel's new Nuc computers are the size of a lunch box and cost up to $3000.oo for a portable gaming solution. AMD is about to cut that down to size. Its no longer fun and games when they charge an arm and a leg.
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    That was their older generation of chips, but their new chips can rock at even 95 watts, and the smaller they shrink the chips the less power they use.
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