Deep Purple

Discussion in 'Music' started by Ellis, May 13, 2004.

  1. shroomman

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    They Kick Ass. Must Have Are Made In Japan And I Like Burn. Good Shit Mon
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    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I LOVE THIS THREAD!! AHH I LOVE DEEP PURPLE!!! AHH I MET THEM! lol ok I'll calm down! yes i met them, they are SOO down-to-earth! I still think that they were better with David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes and Ritchie Blackmore. (I love Glenn Hughes' voice so much...what a sexy man he was...) But yes i still love Ian Gillan too, but i like Coverdale and Hughes more. lol yes that is my oppinion of Deep Purple. WRITE BACK!!
  3. exhibita

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  4. Jim

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    I definitely think the Mk III, Burn era Purple are the better personally.. It's got more of a groove, and the vocals are more tolerable than the Ian screech to my ears..
  5. You seems to know them well for you little 56 seasons you pass on earth...
    It's what i call: somebody who don't loose time and get straight to the good music!
    Personnally i like all incarnations of Deep Purple until their split in 76 ...xpt that their commercial and hard "cliché" comeback don't interest me.
    People too often forget the 3 first album with bassist Simper and Evans (future Captain Beyond singer)...
    They recorded those 3 albums in 1 year only ! It's the reason why half of the song sound as demo...but their last album with Simper & Evans just called "Deep Purple" (just before "In Rock") is a very good album ,more psychedelic and baroque than the barbarian "In Rock" and for those 3 initial albums Jon Lord was probably the leader of the band before the lack of success and the new member force them to try to evolve their the Blackmore's reign began with the follow up.

    You were talkin of Hugues...he had a lot of influence in Deep Purple...he give probably a more soul influence to their hard's not surprisin' because Hugues voice remember me often the Stevie Wonder of the good years (71-76)...
  6. Ellied

    Ellied Senior Member

    i have only heard 2 deep purple songs dont remeber what they where and i liked em. My bf is a big big fan of deep purple so i shud listen to them more but he hates jefferson airplane so im not gonna make n e effort lmao
  7. music-lover

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    I saw the Joe Satriani one... it was okay...but I like the one on June 18th was more alive!
  8. I only have one album, but i love speed king and child in time.

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