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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by DarkLunacy, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    I'm plannin on rollin again soon and I was wondering what cut I should try to get. Looking for something very bouncy, not too mellow and not something thats gonna make me wanna be drowsy afterward. Suggestions?
  2. ummm well the only time i ever knew what my pillw as cut with was my first time when it was an amazing buzz it was a green smiley but it was cut with meth.

    but e has everything in it so...hehe
  3. day_tripper77

    day_tripper77 Member

    out of the tabs i've tried (which is a relatively small number, i think) i liked Blue Dolphins best.. that actually might be a little biased because A)thats what i took on my first roll, 1/2 a tab and B)thats what i took on my first good roll, a whole tab

    i dont have any idea what they were cut with though, or if they are even still available.. because this was back in september (the 28th, to be precise).. but if you can score some of these i hope they're as good for you as they were for me :D im really hoping you can.. i mean, im not that far away from dallas(wichita falls) so you know, even though its been a while since i've seen them (its also been a while since i've rolled)you might get lucky and find some.. or maybe something even better :D

    im pretty sure that the other kinds ive had were all pretty heavily speed based, which i did not enjoy all that much, and they were either a blue star or a blue superman (not sure which because it was cut in half and i wasnt so much as looking at it as putting it in my mouth and swallowing it) Red ?s (so named because they were red and had a ? on them) and a Camry which was yellow..

    i dont know if any of this will help at all, but regardless, happy hunting and happy rolling..

    XoXoX - <3, stykz
  4. serra

    serra tentacle girl

    "brand names" are totally unreliable.
    just ask around, and talk to people you trust and try and ask a few people who have actually consumed the specific pill in your area recently. (did that make sense?)

    try and talk to people who have done them and see what they say. if at all possible, talk to people other than your supplier (they will always tell you it's good!)

    good! luck!
  5. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    LOL yeah I know all about stamp variation. I've seen friends spend 100's chasing the Pink Lady craze
    I'm wondering peoples experiences with different cuts. I doubt I can find a full MDMA tab but wondering if anyones tried an MDA cut or Meth or maybe DXM... Would that do much in such small quantities? I would think its nothing. Anyway... yeah. Not looking for stamps but chemicals
  6. serra

    serra tentacle girl


    well as sad as i am to admit it, pills that are cut with meth are usually really fun to do, especially if you are at a party where you want to dance like a maniac all night! althougth you tend to have a harsher come down and feel crappier the next day.
    pills that have MDA in them are also really fun to do. a little more trippy, i definately feel more "screwed up" on them than i would if i took pure e.

    i dunno about DXM, but if it would be active at that size of dose taken orally im sure it would be crazy fun!
  7. dirty hippie

    dirty hippie Member

    weren't the ?'s we took cut with MDA serra? i've heard it was that or PCP...mebbe both? blah. they weren't that fun. too rushy, and the other times i've done e i liked rushing.
  8. xaosflux

    xaosflux Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    pills cut with dxm suck....

    other suxky cuts include:

    and of course the dehydrating PMA

    no matter what anyone tells you unless the results come from a testing kit or lab, no not believe anything...E is unfortuanlty trial and error....

    ALSO...qulaity control in E pill press shops isn't the the cut mixture/ingrediants of pills may change from pill to pill (or at least from small batch to small batch)
  9. Dark Star

    Dark Star Member

    yes! my second roll was with these tabs! they are honestly my favorite. and from dance safe they only contain mdma and caffeine. i dunno what caffeine would really do to you besides make you awake right? i dunno but we took a tripple stacked blue dolphine about 20 mins before we got to the beach and by the at perfect synchronization of us stepping onto the sand our roll hit and the sand felt like melted heaven lol. i cant even explain the feeling we had. my hair ( long bangs and long of chick hair god ) didnt bother me in the least and that was odd because my other rolls it bothered the fuck out of me but on this tab everything in the world seemed great. it lasted a good 3 or 4 hours and when we all ( me my cousin, my friend casey, and my friend doug *aka the whig party* ) felt like we were coming down off the first tab, we dropped an other dolphine..and it was pretty cool because i think that the first tab took most of everything out of our brain so the second one basically took it all out and we were left in a calm daze that lasted untill about 6 oclock the next night, but then again we smoked when we peaked on the second tab so it most likely kept us up for the amount of time we did. anyways these tabs are here in texas and very easy to find here in houston. ours cost 18 a tab. my cousins first roll was on a Pink Lady. he paid 30 fucking dollars for it. supposebly its hard to find or something. who knows. but yea blue dolphines are the shit, sorry for rambling
  10. psilonaut

    psilonaut Mushroom Muncher

    Check out the pill test results @ or test 'em yourself with these.

    I would rather know exactly what I'm taking, the word on the streets are just ridiculous, I can't remeber the number of times I've gotten into arguments with kids claiming that their pills felt "smacky". Why the shit would anybody put heroin into a pill and sell it as E!?:mad:

    /wanders of muttering to self

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