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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Changeyourlatitude, May 10, 2004.

  1. If you don’t choose a side you can beat up on both!

    Rule one for closing a political debate: Add religion, the Separation of Church and Politics will end every debate and usually causes war!

  2. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Sorry but I've tried... This stuff doesnt work. The Republicans think the Democrats are stupid and vice versa and they both think the 3rd party are only Nazis, Terrorists, and Communists. Also if you start asking THEM the questions they just say your ignorant or the like
  3. Join a commune and throw away your social security number and all ties with the government. Represent yourself and those you love and no one will ask you to serve the kennel master.

    Pay yourself first, not a government that doesn’t represent you! Choose a path of life on a distant island, be self-sufficient and be an ant instead of the grasshopper’s government would will you to be. Give the government nothing and likewise ask for nothing from it. If you turn off the news it didn’t happen. Peace happens! The rest is arm wrestling.

  4. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Point me to that land and I will go not only willingly but gayly (I SAID GAY! OHHH BOOGIEMEN!) The problem is if you turn off the news, other peoples children still die for Bush's war. Bush never saw combat. That is the truth. He couldnt possibly grasp the horrors of this. You talk to any veteran who has seen combat, and people dieing, they will get choked up. Bush has no clue. The peace one finds from turning off the news is an illusionary peace, translucent at best. Besides your getting away from the topic, debating.
  5. Jozak

    Jozak Member

    Join a commune? Good one. :rolleyes:

    I hope the other veterans (besdies myself) like Rockman, Otter, Atlas, Sadeyelady, Point_Break, Booshnoogs and everyone else register back.
  6. Dude

    Your age is 18 on my screen and you are a veteran of what?

  7. he meant veteran Hipforums members..people whom on the old board had atleast 1500 posts.I was nearing my 2000 mark!! I hope Skip publically flogs the ass that screwed up the old board!!

    he also meant the ones that arent completely liberal.I'm liberal but not as liberal as a vast majority of forum members are.I'm still pro-many of the taboo issues.

    I think certain criminals should be dipped slowly feet first into vats of boiling oil. I dont hold the whole "all life,including Tim McVeigh or Osama or child rapists, are sacred" value system.I couldnt and live with myself.but that's just me. I dont expect nor require others to hold the same values.

    Dark Lunacy was sooooo correct on Bush.I think we ought to send him to Iraq so he can witness the horrors of war.I want him to see children getting hit with flying shrapnel and soldiers getting ripped in half from big streaming bullets. I want him to hear the screams and see the blood.

    that way...he will truly learn that war is not glory..and that this is not a fucking cowboy movie where everyone plays dead until the end and the actors can walk off the set.
  8. I really don't think GWB thinks like you depict him. He will lose the election if it must be to do the correct thing in this war.

    This is one of the cleanest wars ever fought. Very few innocent casulties.
    Good things have happened and if Iraq forms a good government the entire area will have to reform to a better life for all persons who live there.

  9. Incubus

    Incubus Banned

    Id love to see your commune! I think it is a really good idea, that way we can get all of the ignorant hippies in one area and blast them all to holy hell. John Kerry is our only hope. And if you all are to ignorant to read his policy plans then you go right ahead and goto a commune...
  10. Hippies are not ignorant! Love is not ignorant! Peace is not ignorant! Being anti war is not ignorant and to kill anyone is ignorant! Ignorant is the lack of knowledge, which you seem to possess. I would trade our current system of government for a commune any day if I would know evil, like you seem to possess wouldn’t seek me and those I love out!

    The statement you posted was not well thought out!

  11. Incubus

    You really need to consider revising your comments! Think!


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