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  1. has anyone here had any dreams that they died in? i've had 2. well, i guess it was actually just one, but i had it twice. i was 5, and i dreamt that i was just sitting in my house, when suddenly 2 men in black suits crashed through my door. i just knew they weren't nice, so i ran downstairs. i was going to hide in my toyroom, but instead decided i should hide in the laundry room. i waited for a few minutes, and then i saw a guy in a black suit turn into the laundry room. he looked at me, and then pointed his gun at me, and shot me. everything just went black for a few seconds, and then i woke up. that dream took place in first person. the next night, i had the exact same dream, but it took place in 3rd person. the dream went exactly the same, except this time i saw what the guys in the suits did while i ran and tried to hide. one guy went to my parents room, the other guy just follwed me. when the guy shot me though, i literally saw my head explode (keep in mind, i'm 5, and i'd never seen anything even remotley like this before) and then i saw my body slump to the ground, and the guy in the suit turn around. then i woke up.
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    Can't explain your dream when you were 5, but in general your dream is about a relative or a person who knows your inner working.
    In regards to this person:
    • You don't trust this person.
    • You are not comfortable with the person.
    • You are avoiding this person.
    This is time to face this person and this situation within you.

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    when ever i take adderal and im not sleeping but should be i think about death and if i died how that would effect my family
  5. um...there really is no one like that though. i mean, these were just 2 random guys in suits. lol, maybe cuz i don't trust the government.
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    well you know as much as people on here tell of dreams in which they or someone personaly dies, and i'm not saying this against them, just me, you know the wierd thing is in my own dreams, i can't remember a single one in which anyone died, or was born either. only sometimes places where people have died.

    ok i know this isn't pertinant, but strikes me as odd also.

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    i had a dream a few nights ago...i was walking through a dense woods, everything was dark/shadowed then this kid in a grim reaper outfit stepped out of the shadows and stood in front of me then he slowly pulled his hood back 2 reveal he was 1 of my goth buds, he turned his back 2 me & i followed him for what seemed like hours through the wooded path, we finally stopped @ this old bridge overlooking a large stream, he pulled a small pipe out of his long sleeve (it was all that stood out in the whole dream, it was a deep purple colour that faded 2 a deep blue) he lit it & we smoked it then we were walking again & i woke up.....i cant stand it when that happens
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    i suppose that could b considered a dream about death
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    a couple of years ago i had a dream that i died, im not sure how i died, but i was watching my own funeral. i was like floating around watching everyone and i saw people crying. and there was some really depressing song happening. then i woke up and i had like tears in my eyes.
    that was a weird dream
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    i often have dreams of my dead uncle coming back to life. like i'll walk into a room or somewhere and see him and just say something like "i can't believe you're alive. i've missed you so much." it's never weird to anyone around that he's alive again, but that's always the understanding, not that he just dissappeared for awhile and was never dead. he died when i was in 9th grade and i seem to have these dreams randomly. anyways a few of these times i've woken up with tears in my eyes. i usually tend to think that dreams don't mean that much and i don't know about my thoughts on the spiritual world...but sometimes after those dreams i really feel like he was there.

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