Death Penalty

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jendi17, May 14, 2004.

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    Hey, I was just interested in what you guys think? what do you guys think of the death penalty. I oppose it. I thought it was interesting that out of the candidates running for President that George Bush is the only one who supports it.
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    Hm, yea I oppose it too. I don't think it's as effective a deterrent as it's sometimes made out to be, and of course there's always the risk of executing the wrong guy. And I don't think the decision to end life should be endorsed by the state. It's also a real expensive procedure, more so than a life sentence, although that's mostly because of all the lawsuits involved in a death penalty.
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    I hate the death penalty. I know we've all heard it a thousand times, but I love it anyway: why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?

    I agree with LuciferSam in that I dont think it is an effect deterrant. I also think that death should not be something that our governemnt should have the power to sentence someone to.

    The death penalty is immoral and illogical and it needs to be abolished. It is the ultimate form of "cruel and unusual punishment."

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    Nice name SamIam... you like the band SamIam, yes? good band. :)

    I also am opposed to the death penalty... i think its very hypocritical to be for it... every other "civilized" country does not have the death penalty... what if the person is not guilty? Than you have just killed an innocent person... The judicial system is not perfect... The government shouldnt be able to kill a person.
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    I oppose the death penalty there are so many cases when the guy is found innocent many years later, what would happen if they executed him the day before the evidence was to come, and I also believe that we have no power to determine if someone should live or die.
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    Please show me all of these cases with some reliable research.

    I support the death penalty, just becasue the U.S. prison system is not tough enough. If we had prisons like Japan, I would support life imprisonment, but we don't--our prisons are a joke.

    The first step though is to decriminalize drugs, that would solve a llot of problems.

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