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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by pomunus, May 23, 2004.

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    It's been Swarming my head at night. Friday night I dreamt that I was at my fathers house and I awoke at around 4:00 am so me him and 2 of his friends went out to watch the sun come up. We were sitting in the yard when 4 deer came walking in the middle of the road, they looked at us and went to run the other way when 2 cars came up and then smashed into each other when trying to avoid the deer. Then a truck and another car came towards each other and the car flew under the truck and cut the womans head off who was driving the car. There was blood everywhere. Then I awoke. Last night I dreamt I was at my dads house again sitting out on the porch reading until about 4:00 am. I then went to go in the house to go to bed when I noticed 2 men standing outside the window so I went out to see what was going on. There was a woman laying on the ground dying.She had blood coming from her ears. She died and I later found that a bug had gotten into her brain and layed eggs. They then ate her from the inside out. I dont understand why the time 4 am keeps coming up. These dreams just dont make much sense to me. Maybe someone else can help?
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    Hi pomunus

    here is a short comment if you don't mind.

    It is like when dreams have to make sense sometimes we forget that we are just having kinda creative moment, and putting on a sense might take the potential of the dream and clarity of sight, too.

    As we create we use what we hold in our hands and needs to change. We pick up the dreams of others too and some come clouded with fears and others with humour and easiness. Some just feel like out of control. But then who knows what is your own dream and what not, as in the very moment of creating, it is yours. Dreams are connected like ripples spreading out on a pond crossing and vanishing again and still ever present. Who knows why we dream this and that but maybe this is not really the point. Deeper inside, we know better anyway.

    In the end it is about where we find ourselfes waking to and see we are different now and again let go the moment and let go the change, to change on.

    And death too is but about change, and letting go all what we thought we knew. Change is easy but everything else wrapped around seems to make it difficult.

    Maybe you just want to go back into your dream and look on it and play with it, and know what you know ... and let go what you do not need for now. Dreams do not have one fixed meaning. And so you can be as creative with them as you want and feel alive with.

    Hope this makes sense and thank you for posting!
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    That couldn't be more beautiful and true Moving_cloud. Take care!
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    i love him.he left me and broke my heart.all i need is DEATH!!!i cant stand this life anymore!!!

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