Dear sweet acorn! ... Burgerville!!

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by SunFree, May 9, 2004.

  1. SunFree

    SunFree Member

    Dude! Burgerville is having a contest to promote their strawberry milkshake or something where you can win a trip to London to visit "the home of the fab four." I'm not sure exactly what that entails, but christ! They played Strawberry fields in the ad, so it has to be cool! I must go to burgerville immediately! Damn my inability to drive!
  2. thepixies

    thepixies Member

    god speeed good knight
  3. Sage-Phoenix

    Sage-Phoenix Imagine

    Don't know what the hell Burgerville is (unless it's a fast food place) but congratulation of falling hook line and sinker for an ad campaign.

    Well good luck anyway. As a Brit myself it's hard to get excited over being there. Still it might be a laugh.
    Oh and as every true Beatles fan knows 'the home of the fab four' is Liverpool not London. Maybe you'd visit both.


  4. SunFree

    SunFree Member

    Well, to clarify, they said the home country of the fab four. So last time I checked, that was still England. I've come to the conclusion that Burgerville is only in Oregon. So, while obviously it's no big deal for YOU, the farthest east, (and most exotic place) I've ever been is Illinois, so cut me some slack alright? Honestly... is it THAT bad to want to go to a restaurant if there's some slight chance of their connection to the greatest band to ever walk the face of the earth? I don't think so. I doubt I'll go anyway. There's going to be extensive advertisement no matter what, so I say why not have it with a Beatles song.
  5. sitareric

    sitareric Banned

    Say no to the evil cow murderers! but yes beatles and labadoo! haha im just kidding
  6. acetonephish

    acetonephish lickage


    i like cows :(


    take a look around

    ahaha... at cows on the ground.

    ok, im done. i swear :p
  7. sitareric

    sitareric Banned

    hey i like my song, its no joke! *looks serious*
  8. SunFree

    SunFree Member

    Hey i'm a supporter...I have a button on my bag with a picture of a cow on it that says, "Save the Spotted Cow?" Everytime someone comments, I say, "Well, what are YOU doing to save the spotted cow? They need your help!" Though I really have no idea what the problem with the spotted cow is...(are there other kinds?) but I wouldn't be eating it ANYWAY, so I figure I've done my part.
  9. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    even if you don't win, a trip to some unfamiliar place like Burgerville would in itself be a blast. trips usually are.
    even fer vegetarians, i would assume... a place called Burgerville would be wise to appeal to all burger lovers, so I bet there's a little shack selling veggie burgers and various food for rabbits.
  10. Lou Reed

    Lou Reed Member

    this burgerville place sounds like a place that would serve up the corpses of the fab four. i wonder how this turned out...
  11. SunFree

    SunFree Member

    whoa. this was the first thread i made on the *new* forums.

    . . . interesting.
  12. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

    wow a trip to london! thats like a whole half hour away!

    ha ha, burgerville what a great burger pits actually exist?

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