Dealing with vacuum sealed pouch?

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by ptsmagic, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. ptsmagic

    ptsmagic Member

    I have a vacuum sealed pouch of 2ce from a source. Any tips for dealing with these? I want to transfer it all to a vial and measure out a few doses on a mg scale. My main concern is it going everywhere as soon as I cut it open.
  2. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    uuuuhhh. where to start?

    vaccuum sealing something dowsnt mean its gonna "explode" when you open it. just snip a corner and the bag will expand slightly (at most). the powder may have clumped a bit due to the pressure, but thats about it.
  3. Severely stoned

    Severely stoned Senior Member

  4. jia

    jia Member

    Just use something to cut or pierce it, air will enter in (not explosively). If you're super concerned, poke it with a sharp thin thing like an ice pick. Small hole, then cut it open with scissors.
  5. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    ^poke with an icepick? lawls.
  6. jia

    jia Member

    It does sound kind of silly.
  7. bmw5233

    bmw5233 Member

    For delicate operations I prefer to use a micro-chainsaw.
  8. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    put a metal bowl over the baggy, and poke around underneath with a point object.

    upon hearing the "BOOF" sound, invert the bowl, and collect the powder that has sprayed all over it/the table's surface
  9. bromo-x-flz

    bromo-x-flz Member

    use your teeth?

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