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Discussion in 'Magic Mushrooms' started by marquee, Jun 2, 2004.

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    i really want to start using shrooms, they sound awesome. ive just got one concern... ive heard that if you get bad shrooms they can kill you or make your brain bleed or somecrazy shit like that. first of all, is this true? secondly, how do i make sure im getting the good stuff? thanks.
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    Psilocybe cubensis & a few dozen related shrooms seem fairly safe...
    cultivating them from spores is not difficult...
    picking in the wild is more problematic, 'cause a lot of them li'l brown mushrooms look sorta alike, hehheh...

    another very different group of "active" shrooms is in genus Amanita (white gills--watch out!) with different chemicals in 'em; A musacria & A pantherina will give a trip that some folks like & some folks hate; but A phalloides & A verna will kill ya dead in 3 days (liver failure, mostly)

    there are old mushroom hunters
    and there are bold mushroom hunters
    but there are no old, bold mushroom hunters...
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    Like any drug, you need to have a certian level of trust with the dealer you are getting them from. If you grow your own, you have nothing to worry about. If you buy on the street, you will most likely be fine - drug dealers dont try to kill their customers. To be on the safe side though, ask arround and see if other people have had good experiances with the mushrooms from a specific person. If you are hunting for your own mushrooms, this is much more risky for a novice mushroom enthusiest. You need to learn a lot about mushroom identification to even think about eating a wild mushroom.
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    i think it is implicated that one always inquires about origin, potency, and assesses trip-reports before making any such purchase. personally, i like to know what i'm getting myself into. peace.

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