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  1. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    I had a dream this morning. I was at work.. a gun man entered .. pinned me too the ground and blasted me with two desert eagles (very powerful handguns , right in both sides of my head... I felt the immense pain and effect this might have on was extremly scarey.. but excilerating at the same time .. i could go on about it being a past life and all that .. but i don't believe in that. The point is, it was very scarey and i liked it.. but woke myself up.. because it was way too realistic , i needed to wake myself up so i did not continue with it.. i wish i had ?.

    Was it wise to wake up or should i have just let the dream play out however scarey it may have been.. ?
  2. _CT

    _CT Member

    Probably some subconscious fear symbolised by that dream.
    Dreams are weird like that, and if you have any common sense you will realise that they have no prophetic value. They hardly mean anything significant usually, just your general worries and such from your daily life.
  3. thaone0715

    thaone0715 Member

  4. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    Thats true ... but if a dream is so 'intense' should i continue with it ?. I was aware that i was dreaming and i had too fight hard to wake myself up .. it was just before i actualy woke up in the morning.. I was thinking if i let it play out , like you say it is partly based on worries in daily life ?.. if i had let it go on i may have rid myself of a few 'demons' ? I was just too scared though.. this is why i ask if it is more harmful to continue a dream that is scarey or just wake up and forget about it ?.
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    Hi matthew, maybe this is different.

    Maybe the waking and missing closure is part of the dream and where you are heading to, so you must not worry about it - in case the good old demons take the worries as an invitation to settle down again. But this is always up to you, even if sometimes one part of you struggles with what he thinks the other is doing.

    But nothing is really harmful if you embrace it, and see a way through and beyond, and allow all parts of yourself to be. You have the control and you are the one to save yourself. You are all parts of your dream, too. Death is change, but it is the fears that sometimes come with big noises and a lot of drama. The dream asks you to not give into the fears of change so much but be aware of where you are, and are heading to out of your inner trust, compassion and sense of self that is unharmed.

    Just imagine a feeling of being whole and complete that does not depend on intensity so much but on honoring all parts of you, where the intensity of scares helps to crack kinda fixed self image that sometimes you want to shake off.

    So just continue from where you are right now and here .... if this makes sense.

    Just an idea!
  6. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    You do make sense .. and thankyou for your thoughts ?

    I think you might be right.. the last couple of weeks i have tried to shake off the old image i have ?? maybe because it is a new year and all ?? .
  7. _CT

    _CT Member

    if you realised you where dreaming you had a lucid dream, and you can have alot of fun in those, if you take control instead of waking up. go to, its the best site on the subject and learn how to change the nightmares into the most fun you'll ever have in your dreams!
  8. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    ohh yeah i have lots of lucid dreams.. and i do take control most of the time.. i never have much fun though, because they are generaly crazy assed ones like the one i explained.. oh how i wish it was when i am dreaming about shagging certain individuals ;)

    thanks for the link.. turning nightmares into the most fun i will ever have mmmmm cant' wait.

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