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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Requiem54, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Requiem54

    Requiem54 Guest

    Do to me being in recovery for almost two years from a drug addiction I've came to understand how fucked I'am. I've ruined all relationships with literally everyone I've ever known and happen to be stuck in the same place I ruined them in. So I'm asking your opinion about dating websites cause I want to start dating again without anyone judging me about my past.

    The only thing with me and dating sites is I find it awkward. I've created them and then shut em down in the same week cause I either get discouraged or find it weird to just start messaging a random person. Just want suggestions on how I should handle my lonesome situation.
  2. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    Well, you could have read over my recent thread just a few threads down about dating websites, you might get some good information from my thread!~

    For example, I recommend staying away from Terrible site and terrible people, unless you want to be told how to look and act and you like never being yourself so you can supposedly fool women or whatever into dating you at least that's what they tell you.~

    Also, some advice: be honest.~

    To everyone, to yourself, and about everything.~

    It's pretty much pointless to take a picture of yourself wearing a suit as your only profile picture when you never wear a suit or if you don't wear one everyday unless that's the only photo of yourself.~

    It's great to put what you like and don't like like a list, that's great you and 5 billion other people.~ It might be better to put what you like AND WHY you like some things.~

    Saying you are an environmentalist for example doesn't tell anyone ANYTHING about WHO you are and WHY you feel the way you do and what your perspective on life is.~

    Some advice: say what you feel is important about yourself, try to put into words or someway communicate that you feel this way or that way about anything, why, and what and how you think.~

    I'm on, one of the most popular free online dating websites supposedly, I like it there's many options and ways to express yourself and really it might be easier for someone to form a connection with you if you have expressed yourself a lot on your profile for if people don't know anything about you that makes you you then why bother going on online dating sites in the first place?~

    Hope that helped you someway,

    I wish you love and peace,


  3. Requiem54

    Requiem54 Guest

    It did thank you.
  4. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    Glad I could help, I love to help people!~ ^_^


  5. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    searches internet for BlissRainbow.. finds nothing..
  6. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    lol, nice joke!~ ^_^

    I'm all over the internet, I'm also know ColorsWolf and EnigmaWolf!~
  7. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    I know people that uses many different screen names. Ive used one. my only one. nice. but whats up with the porn gifs? .
  8. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    I like porn gifs.~ ^_^

    Sex is a beautiful natural wonderful thing!~

    And no my Tumlblr blog is not safe if you work at an uptight mind-controlling company.~
  9. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    sex is nice, but when trying to meet new people. Sex might not be the first things someone should suggest. gifs like that are suggestive, possibly a turn off to virgin eyes.
  10. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    Sex when meeting new (I said "meet" not "try" because you meet them regardless) people sex is good because it conveys to them what kind of person I am sex is beautiful and shame is unnatural and benefits no one like prejiduce I will not censor myself and I will talk openly. Instead of saying, "Sex might not be the first things someone should suggest. gifs like that are suggestive, possibly a turn off to virgin eyes." you might want to start with, "In my opinion..." because that's your opinion your way of looking at life and maybe at living it, but might I suggest that you be careful when using the word "should" because not so friendly open-minded people like myself might take that as a dictation of your views upon their lives, unlike me who simply watches float away and laughs and sees your comments as the simple words of a person constrained by the concepts of their society and own making.~ ^_^

    I wish you happiness and love,


  11. Requiem54

    Requiem54 Guest

    Dude is an idiot, and that's my opinion
  12. la Principessa

    la Principessa Old School HF Member

    Some dating sites are pretty nice and some good ones are free. I met my fiance on Okcupid 3 years ago.

    Also, the right person wouldn't judge you, so I hope you're not going to look for someone who doesn't know you and keep your past a secret. Remember your experiences make you who you are and your partner deserves to have all of you :)
  13. Alternative_Thinker

    Alternative_Thinker Darth Mysterious

    OKCupid didn't really work for me because not many girls replied to my messages. It wasn't like I was being rude or creepy. I'd just be polite, I'd try to make my initial messages sound interesting as opposed to those single-word "hi" type PM's. Still, it was rare that I got a reply from the people I messaged on OKCupid. The ONE person I met on there ended up becoming a friend because she was the one who checked out my profile first...But I'm not romantically attracted to her. AND, she lives super far away from me, anyway. After about 10 months of being a member there, I must say I don't log on there much any more.

    There are a couple other websites I frequent way more often, but those aren't really dating sites... Well, they have a section on their websites that functions as such depending on how you look at it... Anyway, you have way better luck on these ones because, as long as you treat your fellow members with respect, there's a higher likelihood of your getting a reply from the ones you send messages to. BUT the catch is, again, they also tend to live far, FAR away from you. I recently met someone on one of these sites(if you really must know which websites, PM me), and surprise surprise, she lives like 15 hours flight away from where I am. Honestly, I'm used to this by now. I NEVER meet a nice girl in my area. I've come to accept that.

    So, unless you're prepared to date someone from outside your country, I wouldn't expect to see any results quickly from any of those dating sites if I were you. And if you DO find someone relatively quick, then more power to you. Congratulations. :)
  14. lolah

    lolah Member

    just go for it
  15. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    Ironically, I seem to be the only one willing to do exactly that!~

    People tend not to even respond to you at all if you're not practically in their backyard staring creepily into their window!~ O_O

    I'll talk to any one from any where literally, I find a lot of cool people living in Finland who don't seem to want to talk to me, so I guess they're not "that" cool.~
  16. Quiet Storm

    Quiet Storm Member

    Maybe try going out to a bar or a night club -- maybe even just to meet some friends or someone to go out with.
    You can try the online dating sites, but it's a bit more difficult.
  17. Alternative_Thinker

    Alternative_Thinker Darth Mysterious

    Actually, you're not the only one as the girl I mentioned in my previous post has since become my girlfriend, and we've been dating for a little more than a year now. The best relationship I've ever been in.

    The whole distance thing is a little strange concept because it tends to scare so many people off to the point where it can even convince them to turn the other way and run if someone who had potential of being their soulmates lived far away from them. It almost seems like they'd rather settle for the second(or third, or fourth, get the idea, lol) best who was nearby than date the best who lived far away.

    Finnish people? They don't want to talk to you? Strange... The Finnish people I've met have all been really cool, and we've always enjoyed our conversations... But then I can be biased, lol. ;)
  18. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter

    Sex is natural. But porn isn't.. it's forced and fake. I agree with Orison that the porn gifs are suggestive. If you're sending your tumblr page out to people on dating sites that might be one reason why you're not getting any responses from women, because of all the un-natural nudity. Personally, I appreciate artistic nudes but not the vulgar type of nudes you have posted.
  19. RainyDayHype

    RainyDayHype flower power Lifetime Supporter

    And I see this is an old thread and don't think OP is coming back, but it didn't sound like online dating was for him. It seems like he needed a new start. I wonder if he found anyone to date. I would say move away to a new place where nobody knows you and go out and form relationships at work or functions..
  20. BlissRainbow

    BlissRainbow Member

    I respect your opinion, but I don't see a reason to become upset and see such things in a negative light.~

    Oh well, live and let live brister (ambiguous word to mean any gender/sex including none at all).~ :)

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