Dating and romance scams

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    Dating and romance scams try to lower your defenses by appealing to your romantic or compassionate side (

    Some of these scams work by setting up a dating website where it pretends it is free to register but you pay for each email or message you send and receive.

    The scammer will send a whole series of vague-sounding emails filled with gushing talk of love or desire. These are all attempts to keep you writing back and paying money for use of the scammer’s dating website.
    Of course, there are many legitimate dating websites, but scammers can target these too.

    The procedure is when your membership fee is over scammer will start to send you messages/emails again and again by forcing to register again. Dont trust Dating/romance advertisements on the Television . Just imaging how much they make money to put those expensive advertisements on the Television.

    Tell this message to all your friends if you think this information will help you.

    Below are some of the legitimate dating websites that dont ask you to pay any cents for your love/desire


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