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Discussion in 'Music' started by pensfan13, Oct 1, 2016.

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    *cracks knuckles* Dark music is my specialty. Here's a very, very grim piece. Power electronics artist, Control Resistance, and the song is Sickle Cell Acceleration. It's very, very unpleasant. Neo-nazi, white power, anti-black, filled with hate and racism. It's sickening propaganda of the highest order, and is incredibly disturbing, because it's not fake, contrived, or existing for drama's sake. These sickos actually believe this stuff, and want to wipe the human race clean of perceived lesser beings, by engineering diseases to wipe them out, and this is a part of that manifesto. It's harrowing and utterly vile. You'll feel filthy after you're done watching this video. Bad, bad, bad times.

    I DO NOT recommend you watch or listen to this if you do not want to be subjected to some terrible stuff. But as per OP's request, I present it. This is real, and this is disturbing, as asked. Not good vibes. Not what we all believe in here. Not to be enjoyed or appreciated in. This is the kinda stuff we must be ever vigilant to, to be standing against.

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    Fuck me that is grim.
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    Really is. I'm used to some pretty dark stuff but that fucks even me up. Mainly because it is very, very real. People who believe in this so strongly exist out there today, and if given the chance, would fully enact things seen and heard in that piece. It's a grand declaration of hatred, and a reminder that the fight for equality and human kindness is never over, so long as things like that exist. How someone could be filled with some much vitriol towards their fellow man is just beyond me. It's cold and sickening, without a doubt.
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    ^^ That 'song' counts as 'music'? lol "Power electronics artist"?! Fuck. Fucking fuck.

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    June Carter was an amazing song writer

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    One of the absolute scariest songs I know. Less outright frightful, but something that creeps into your mind, under your skin, and will turn your blood cold. Concept album about ghosts, paranormal, EVP, and the dead. Using sounds of interviews, black static phenomena, and EVP and other very frightful electronic noises and soundscapes, this is something that will grip you and take you into its suffocatingly dark world. To be listened to with headphones, alone, in the dark

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