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    a poem written in a darker mood...

    Innocence does not exist, loyalty is a joke,
    no one tells the truth complete, lies are often spoke
    Deceit is common place these days, no one really cares,
    but in this lousy world we live, no one really dares

    To show the world your sympathy, just invites the knife,
    to show the world you have a heart, you jeapordize your life
    to show a tear uopn your face, you must face the ridicule
    to show the world you have a fear, makes you look like a fool

    Admissions will, become the sword, that cuts you long and deep,
    to show the world your inner thoughts, and your dreams are full of sleep.
    So you constantly will stuggle, and constantly you pray,
    but constantly you are betrayed, it seems so, every day

    Compassion is a word we know, though its meaning has been lost,
    Honesty and decency, its warmth has turned to frost
    And all around you must be ware, betrayels lurk nearby,
    and to show the world you understand, will surely mean youll die
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    wow, i just read a depressing poem,

    and now this!

    *passes it to the left, twice.*
    you all owe me one happy poem now please and thank you.

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