Damned Split RAR's

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by eat_some_LSD, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. eat_some_LSD

    eat_some_LSD Senior Member

    Just downloaded some software, which came in split .RAR files. There's a file.RAR, then there's file.r00, file.r01, file.r03, etc...file.r29 is the last file that Windows picks up as part of the archive, and file.r30 and above are all considered unknown filetypes. The software also came with a file.sfv file. I've tried opening both the .RAR and the .SFV in both WinRAR and WinAce, both are the latest versions. Anyone know what the problem could be?
  2. Flowerian

    Flowerian Senior Member

    Hmm, normally you put the .rar with all the .rXX-files in a folder and then you unzip the rar-file, the rest and the access to the rXX-files is done automatically...
  3. eat_some_LSD

    eat_some_LSD Senior Member

    Well, they're all in the same folder...what really confuses me is that files file.r00-file.r29 are all showing up in Explorer as valid .RAR files, but file.r30 and after are shown as unknown filetypes. The file.rar says is said to not be a vaild .RAR file...do you suppose my 400 MB download was corrupt and that I wasted a good 4 hours downloading it? :(

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