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    I've been reading a book on The Vietnam "Police Action" and I wrote this little poem. Give some feedback, I really want honesty.

    A Man Named Sam
    It was a rainy day, that day of May. That day of May I made my way. I made my way down the block when out of the blue appeared a clock. "Six Fifteen!" I said aloud when with an awesome speed I was endowed.

    I was late, that I'd known, but just how late the clock had shown. I ran down town and up the street, where a chanting mob I soon would meet. The war overseas was the topic of discussion, with solemn words and great percussion: "Hell no we won't go! Hell no we won't go!"

    I left the mob and went to work, where I played the role of an office clerk. I sat and toiled like a drone, but couldn't ignore that solemn tone. Once on my lunch, I returned, to the mob that pulsed and churned.

    "Hello there, my name is Jack". I said to a man who stood in back. He turned to me and smiled a bit "Come on brother and join the sit".

    "A sit for what?" I inquired of him. "A sit for peace to end a sin".

    "Because you see..." he said to me, and I took my seat beneath a tree. The air was cool and the weather clear, and all I know is what I hear, when` this man tells me` his peace, of how the death and war must cease.

    It all begins with a singular vision that all men share with rare precision. A vision of` a freedom land`, where all religions and the races walk together hand in hand. And from this vision a man was born, from a people broken, weak and torn. This vision gave birth to lion, birth to a lamb, it gave birth to an eagle, and a man named Sam.

    He used to stand for what was right, what was wrong became his fight. He only used his force when needed, and never took advice unheeded. His strifes made sense to those who fought, but now he longs for political gain, and I'm afraid that we do not.

    He fights in a land over seas against the numerous Vietnamese. This isn't your war, but he wants you, Uncle Sam has become untrue. He blames the soldiers for his sins, and he'll keep on doing it until he wins. And he can't win like you or I, his goals are set, he aims too high. He wants the world, he wants it bad, but he can't have it, it drives him mad.

    This all` means trouble but there's something we can do, we fight within the law, and you can help us too. Stand against the grinder, join your cause with many, with us you find the answers, alone you won't find any!

    I never was a liberal man, though I always give when I can, but I was moved by the speech, it spoke to me and seemed to teach, that there is more to life than what we see, and we must be heard to be free.

    Speak your opinion, push the limit, you don't know trouble 'till you're in it. Stand and shout, run about, let it out, make it count. Start you life over anew, it starts with Sam and ends with you.
    (thanks for reading!)
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    honestly.....that was pretty fucking good...
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    Heat,blood,fear you can taste,death,kunsai,music,mail,charlie,chow,afvn and if you survive you earned your ticket to ride the freedom bird.

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