Daddy issues?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by crazytrain341, Apr 6, 2021.

  1. crazytrain341

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    Ok one last one then I'm not sure how much I can participate on Hip anymore :/

    Just want to say that it has been extremely fun reading all of your sexy posts! I've learned so much and tried so many of your sexy ideas. I hope ALL of you are ALWAYS living your best lives and I hope to participate more in the future!

    Last one....

    So last week I forgot my mask. I wear a black mask at work, it matches my beard (unwritten rule in my industry, men wear beards - always) and my dark slacks / dark shoes. I washed them all but didn't hang them to dry the night before so I brought my "home" mask. It's a light colored one, matches my wife and kids' which is kind of cool. To distinguish mine from my idiot younger son who likes to take any mask that looks like his, I wrote the words "DAD" in using a large sharpie on the front of my mask.

    So I wore that mask to work forgetting it said "DAD". Well the girls at work started calling me Dad. Some called me Daddy. Others got flirty with me. Ie: sitting on my desk, crossing her legs, calling me Daddy. We're a professional office, most of the women are milfs. But the one younger woman (who I hired), said "Daddy" to me and pouted her lips. This is NOT her personality, I KNOW the older women put her up to this.

    Holy sh*t it was hot as f*ck! Unfortunately, I only wear my suit top to work when I have an important meeting. Well, I didn't have one that day and I like wearing slim fit slacks. You guessed it, rock hard every time one of the women calls me Daddy and no suit jacket to hide it. Guys, you know how to handle this right? Walk around pretending you have a sore back to hide your hard on? haha ... super sexy and fun day at work! Who says COVID can't be fun?

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    Are you leaving us? Or just going on hiatus?

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