"dabbing" Freebase

Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by pbjube3, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. pbjube3

    pbjube3 Cock Blaster

    if any one hasnt herd of dabbing its the act of heating up a specail rig or attachment for your bong with a titanium nail and a torch then, dropping thc hash oil on the nail , inhaling and gettin stoned.

    Well ive tried it with DMT freebase recently and it worked wonders

    I have an IR Thermometer which is essentially a lazer thermometer so i can heat the nail up to the proper temperature with out gettin it to hot and destroying the active ingredients.

    works the same with cocaine freebase. get it all in one hit with out destroying any of it. Id recommend it to who ever partakes in either of those thigns or really just smoking any free base in general. pce
  2. Hedgeclipper

    Hedgeclipper Qiluprneeels Nixw

    that's actually really really smart. I never thought of that. Certainly sounds a lot better than smoking dimitri out of a meth pipe
  3. pbjube3

    pbjube3 Cock Blaster

    just gotta make surre u heat the nail up to the right temp so that u dont burn or melt the base but ya its very effective
  4. I always wanted to try this. Theoretically it should work very well so its good to have that confirmed.

    Now get ready for takeoff!
  5. AceK

    AceK Scientia Potentia Est

    Theres a way to smoke weed where you heat up knives on a stove and drop the weed on the knive and put them together and suck the smoke up through a bottle with the bottom cut out. This seems similar to that in that you can get a really big hit in one hit.

    What would a proper temperature be? I also have an IR thermometer mostly for HVAC but i guess it could find some new use. I do know that dmt will catch fire at too high temp as will meth and lots of other things.

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