Currently Knitting My First Scarf =]

Discussion in 'Knitty Gritty' started by Mabster, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Mabster

    Mabster Member

    Hi there.
    Hope you are all fine.
    Just wanted to say I am currently knitting my first scarf.
    I'm giving it to my fiancee on valentines day.

    I just started knitting the other night. I was taught as a child (in school) but haven't done any since.
    So far I have knitted three bracelets.

    I am currently one thing of yarn into the scarf.( did that in one evening)
    It's amazing how quickly you can get through them!!
    Three more to go!!

    I am using hand spun and dyed welsh wool (it goes from thick to thin throughout) Lovely stuff.

    Next time I will use some shetland wool as there aint exactly a shortage of it here ;)

    Right... time to learn how to attach another spool..


  2. Samee

    Samee Member

    you sound so excited how sweet! when i learnt how to knit i was "wow!" too! good luck and i hope she likes it, (if its a she?!) you should post a pic of your first creation! : )
  3. knitphomaniac

    knitphomaniac Banned

    what kind of scarf is it? post some pics when you're done!
  4. footloose

    footloose Member

    thats such a good idea! I may knit something for my guy for valentines day.

    i really don't know how you start it off though?

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