Cure for Insanity

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by elfmagnet101, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Here's a poem I wrote. I just wanted to share it with you guys/gals.

    Survival of the fittest mixed with corporate ties.
    Corporate laws to pass on corporate lies.
    Deaths of a few will soon lead to deaths of the many
    for measly cents and countless pennies
    The war on terror shouldn't be in Iraq, but rather in our cabinets.
    Vioxx, Lunesta and prescription drug tablets
    The media states not to worry and to remain calm.
    What about the vioxx deaths and others that go wrong?
    From their ignorant mouths spew, "There isn't a cure."
    Yet the food and drug industries remain profit sure.
    DMSO a cure for the ages!?
    Yet it doesn't show up on front-line pages?
    what about hydrogen peroxide or Ozone therapy?
    Stated "Not FDA approved"
    keeping profits from escaping the market bulls.
    As the public screams, "Give me my cake, and I'll eat it too!"
    They faintly whisper, "just don't tell me what's in it or i'll sue."

    By: Reuben Raya. aka; me LOL.
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    hahah nice one

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