cumberland gathering

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by anykindofdecent, May 15, 2007.

  1. i was wondering if anyone in the VA or WVA area is going to the cumberland gathering, or anywhere relatively close to there, i plan on attending the gathering, will most likely be hitchin in, but thought i might try and find a ride first. if anyone is coming from this general direction and has room for one more. let me know. thank you.

    blessings, peace, joy, abundance
  2. merlinclark

    merlinclark Member

    good luck. ill b hitching 2 in about a week if i dont find a ride from here in Atlanta. look forward to being there. will b my first cumberland.
    At least u dont have far to go right?
  3. Hippi Chrissy

    Hippi Chrissy Member

    is this the same as the blue ridge council gathering near blacksburg, va... dates of may 25 through memorial day? if yes, then: yes, i will be attending
  4. That would be a NO

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