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Discussion in 'Rastafari' started by amarylia, May 31, 2004.

  1. amarylia

    amarylia Member

    Yes yes… cultural menace, all around the world cultures being destroyed and sold, once there was a babylon emerging from the Earth, men elevating themselves, constructing to reach the sky, adoring their material idols, not climbing the mountain to meet the blessfulness of Jah, just showing signals of pride, thirst for POWER and warnings of fall are ignored and mute… Now it all continues and the devastation has no limits and it’s so big that the human eye cannot perceive and be totally conscious of it.

    Wail well, once I’ve done a post bout cultural menace and I’m here to ‘restore’ it. So, all Rastafari that may pass their brown eyes trough this free speech site, many of you living in islands by the Atlantic Caribbean, can you share your opinion bout destruction of cultural values, WHAT’S NEXT? HOW CAN IT STOP? :confused:

    Myself coming from a beautifully traditional island, Madeira Island, Pearl of The Atlantic, I assist this destruction, and I cannot reach the powers that manipulate and control minds to destroy shores and beaches and… ai mean everything really, in a few years few will last. I myself having a very negative vision but I have hope and dreams that someone and all together can emerge and transform these darkest clouds over our humanity.

    Once I had a very consistent answer from rasman RasJahvarrie I don’t know if he’s still clicking around the subject, if you’re still around here please become words and voicefull expression cose I’d still like to hear bout u and your connections.

    Health=Saúde, Peace=Paz and Love=Amor, respect and joy in our lives, loving one another for the human being in each one of us :)
  2. daisys

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    What can we do?
    What will make the people listen before it's too late?
    People are so ignorant and have not woken from the burden of greed. Once this is done - then perhaps we can restore the earth - but, excuse I for being the pessimist, I do not find this possible. There is always going to be one.

    Surely, all we can do is try to help as much as we can and do as much as we can to save what we can? hmm?

    Don't think. Just do.
  3. amarylia

    amarylia Member

    Well... unfortunately the people never has THE POWER... Loose themselves fighting with each other instead of unite and fight for their common interests. We can all help yes, and let’s not loose the mighty hope that is capable to move thousands… but when the soul of a people is sold for any price… we all hope for a miracle.

    Give Peace a chance. John Lennon

    There are no ways to Peace. Peace is the way. Mahatma Ghandi

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