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Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by kier, May 13, 2004.

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    ok, here's a story that my maths lecturer told us, made me laugh, so want to share it....

    a friend of his found a brand new dress, still with the label in the middle of an empty car park. He thought he'd take it back to the shop and claim money back on it

    he entered the shop, and went to the womens department. They asked him why he was bringing it back, and he said it didn't fit. when they looked at him oddly he said he was a cross dresser (he's not, just wanted the money). they called security, and threw him out

    he then planned to ring the local newspaper and get them to run a story on how he was unfairly chucked out of the shop jst because he was a cross dresser. His friends, my teacher included, asked him why he was trying to get the press involved, and he said that it was principle, it was unfair that a cross dresser isn't taken seriously...luckily he didn't get as far as printing a story in the press!!!

    i don't have anything against cross dressers by the way, just this story made me laugh :D
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    haha if they ran the story with his name in it everyone wold think he really was a crossdresser.
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    he really should have gone to the press....give em a good kick in the ass for being prejudiced...yes it is true that he just wanted the money...BUT once again....society raises its ugly head and declares what is right or this case he was just trying to return a fucking dress (though he did say he was a cross dresser) and they kicked him out....poor soul....if it was me he dealt with i would have him out and laugh to myself about the kind of characters that i meet during the day before i fall wonder there is always war!!:mad:
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    Hah, that's funny... :)

  5. HippieFlowerGirl67

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    When I was younger, I was a hardcore tomboy. I dunno what the hell was wrong. Maybe I just didn't want to admit I was a girl or something and refused to go my girly ways. I'd wear boy clothes, etc. but later on I snapped out of it and got into the girly ways but was still a tomboy but toned down ALOT....

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