Cross dressing question.

Discussion in 'Transexual and Transgender' started by Deleted member 313278, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. At what point would you consider someone a cross dresser. I'm kinda confused because I am a guy who secretly wears those latex hooker boots more often these days and I occasionally wear a pvc skirt or hotpants but that's about it. Does this make me a cross dresser by conventional standards?
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    There's a lot of subtexture in cross dressing to really try and pin point. First up you have gay XD, bi and straight. You have masculinity in lace and the complete femme types.

    I think basically if you enjoy wearing clothes marketed towards female then it's fine to say you are a cross dresser.

    I like the femme smooth types. I think it's hot.
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    Good news: you get to label yourself. You would not be wrong to label yourself as a crossdresser.
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    To me the term "crossdressing" means a person is making a conscientious effort to appear as a member of the opposite sex. A guy throwing a pink mohair cardigan over a shirt and tie doesn't cross that threshold.
    I'm not saying throwing on one or two opposite sex clothes is wrong. My judgement is just on the term not the person.
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  5. Thanks. What you're saying all makes sense. That said id rather not label myself as a cross dresser. It's not as though anyone will see me and think I'm a woman but rather wearing some parts of a woman's clothes. And even at that I don't think wearing those things would go down well if I ever wore them in public
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    People Crossdress for many reasons. I played the secret panty game for most of my life. I expelled it to my wife after 44 years of marriage. She accepted it and supports me but does set boundaries. But one thing troubled me. Why? What good reason did I have outside of it was a turn on. Seemed like it was more. I wasn't necessarily gay or bi. But something made it necessary to know more. I bought a book on Kindle. Cheap price. After reading it I found it answered many of my questions of why I was doing what I was doing. I'm now much more at ease with it and it's great that my wife is supportive for the reason it's for me. She told me... "Its your thing, not mine but enjoy it, nothing wrong with it."
    The book is called... "Help, I think I'm a sissy." It's a good easy read.

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