Crimes Upon Yourself.

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    Some people are confused by prosecutors that charge underage people with sexting. Because they are taking pictures of an underaged person, themselves. That's kind of silly. In ancient common law that's called a Felo de se, a person who has committed a crime upon themselves. Felo de se specifically refers to suicide by someone of sound mind. Which people think today is pretty silly. Because English common law has an older precedent dating back to ancient Rome, Volenti non fit iniuria. "The volunteer suffers no harm."

    But you know that's really not true. An underaged person who sends out a naked picture of themselves hasn't reached the age of majority. They are not old enough to consent to the act, or to make decisions for themselves. And, also under common law, a person can be punished in the juvenile justice system from the age of reason, age 7, on.

    Plus as some people point out they can also sue themselves later in federal court for the damages they've done to themselves. They probably should. They could get a lot of money.

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