Crimes Against Nature - Part Two

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    In part onae we explored the issue of dead standing trees in California due to climate change and disease. Part two links to the video about the eco-friendly crusade of Leonardo diCaprio, the Oscar-winning actor, environmental activist, and U.N. Messenger of Peace.[​IMG]

    National Geographic just premiered their special on global warming, featuring Leonardo DeCaprio.Titled “Before the Flood”, it premiered Sunday night, Oct 30, 2016 and was beamed to 171 countries in 45 languages.

    Click here to view the video at YouTube.

    Millions more are continuing to see it online.

    "Everyone needs to see this, even if you think you know everything about it. If we are ever able to turn this thing around, this show will go down in history as having been a watershed moment." is how one of our site members describes this work.

    DeCaprio searches the world for answers, interviewing President Obama and many experts and thinkers around the globe before finally visiting with Pope Francis in Rome at the end of the hour and a half long documentary.

    Highly recommended, especially with the news that Trump has been elected president.

    Click here to view the article
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    Yeah, I hear you.

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    Education to those that do not/will not listen is a test of Resolve - However, Keeping the faith and striving for progress should not only be a desire - but a duty

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