Cressida Dick in the dock ???

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    “Those in power broke the rules - repeatedly. They should face the same consequences as everyone else,” say Good Law Project.

    They’re talking about the numerous parties for government officials held at Downing Street during the period of Covid restrictions, including a garden party held in May 2020 which was attended by the Prime Minister himself.

    Good Law Project are now taking legal action to force the Met Police to investigate.

    Can you help?
    Good Law Project say on their case page: “We will carry on holding the Met’s feet to the fire until they live up to their responsibilities and conduct a full investigation.

    The Met seem to be operating a two-tier system, with one rule for those in power and one rule for everyone else. We think that sets a dangerous precedent, with serious implications for public trust.” Read more here.

    Thank for your support,

    Maeve at CrowdJustice

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