Creativity & Crank In Dixie: Police: $40 000 (€35 691) In Methamphetamine Found In Lego Box

Discussion in 'Front Page Stories' started by Nicomorphinst, May 27, 2019.

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    The colour of the powder shown in the picture makes me wonder why if a drugs organisation was sophisticated enough to purchase a professional grade shrink-wrap machine and put together an organisation which apparently has success with sending more than personal-use quantities through the post, why were they not able to do a synthesis which removed more of the unreacted precursors and byproducts? Or was it mixed with something else, like a pre-fabricated speedball. The colour looks a lot like cheese aka Tylenol With Smack.

    When searching for a birthday present for one of my nieces earlier this year I marvelled at the sophistication of the new Lego kits that are for building a specific project like, I cannot remember exactly, but maybe an aeroplane and the ground crew and the kerosene tanker &c. So when I read the story here Cops: Lego Box Contained Meth, Not Bricks
    I figured, hey maybe they came out with a Meth Lab kit too.

    The original UPI story also mentions a case in the state of Ohio in February in which a police officer stopped a speeder and found a bunch of Oscar Mayer Lunchables with the better part of two kilos of Bolivian Marching Powder in them. Maybe they have been skimping since Heinz purchased them and added an appetite suppressant/demand enhancer?

    "Good afternoon, thank you for calling Oscar Mayer Consumer Response, how may I help you?"
    -- The coke in my Lunchable burns when I snort it -- some drug addict cut my cocaine with Sani-Flush!
    "All right, can you read the UPC on the package to me? . . . "

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