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  1. There is a new company in the LA area that strive to bring Lesbian content, and story lines to their films. They are a team of Lesbian woman creating art and work for Lesbian women.

    The first thing that caught my eye was a trailer I saw for a feature film they are doing with the beautiful Kate French from The L Word. You can find the trailer at their website once your at the site click on the tab at the top right that says teaser.

    I noticed that the company and team behind this film were a part of the gay community so I started keeping track of what other films they might make. The company is called Absinthe Productions you can check out some more of their work at their production website They do all kinds of content but both woman heading the company are professional gay out woman. I give them two thumbs up!!

    Right now they are reaching out to the LGBTQ community to join them in their next film a dark erotic short called HEMLOCK you can find out more about that film and how to get involved by going to

    You can also find both of these woman under the company name Absinthe Productions on IMDB ( Internet Movie Data Base) There you can type in any film, actor, director, writer or crew person and pull up all the info on the films and work they have done.
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    Very cool! Thank you for sharing! I wish I could participate in such projects.

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