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    Oh,what a crazy fool I am
    to let you fall in love with me
    how can you think I'm the one
    I know it just can't be

    you say to me that I am everyting
    that you ever want and love
    wish I could believe in that
    and pray to the One above

    you know I don't have much to give
    all I have is the love in my heart
    still, don't expect a miracle
    I should have spared you from the start

    My dear, you are a lover true
    a friend for life indeed
    I know you will always be around
    to save me when I'm in need

    So pardon me if I don't feel
    I'm as special as you say
    I've walked a road of pain and anger
    and got burned along the way

    You cazy, crazy fool,I love you so
    I want you to have a normal life
    what in the world makes you think
    that I'm good enouhg to be your wife

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    quite a few typos in this, but this makes the poem seem written as if in a very strong emotive mood. personal poem i'm guessing? lot of passion. strong prose.

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