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    My mother's a little crazy. Not in a dangerous way, also not in a kind goofy way.
    but I don't care, she is how she is.
    but when I was young I made up a world for myself.and no one was aloud in that world unless I said so.
    so I had two worlds, the big , real world where my mother's the way she is.
    and I had my world, I didn't care about anythng unless i a involved with. Not tht i didn't cared about my friends. But they where in my world. it's kinda difficult to understand. but i build up this world becaus I was scared that I could go crazy. becaus all the things i didn't know, were ard to know for a child, or complecated.
    and now, i'm walking out of this little world, and entering the big one.
    I'm getting to know allot of the secret things o everyone and my life.
    so it's kinda scary sometimes
    becaus when i was young i didn't care how my mother wanted to create her world, and also create our world (me and my borhters)
    so, now i'm knowing somethings i " believed" was, weren't true.
    i also knew tey weren't true, but now i want to accept, nd see the things who really are.
    my brother cracked, he isolates himself from my mother and me ( that's the family)
    i will not cracked or bcome crazy.
    Or will I ?

    this is the secret, my mind wont shut up asking me 'am i crazy or not?'
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    you had your own way of dealing with a rough situation. That doesn't mean you're crazy. Alot of people do that. Maybe you just need to separate yourself from your mother a while, to clear things up. ;)

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