Cradled in Her Arms

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by old_crone, May 8, 2004.

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    ----Cradled in Her Arms----

    On my knees praying for sunshine,

    warm summer days,

    birds that sing.

    Prostrate with face pressed against the ground.

    An ache that goes through the soul,

    understanding not always sure.

    Who am I.

    I thought of great need,

    of validation,

    attention often drawn.

    Discovering I am brought to my knees

    by the rain.

    by storms, earth bound ways.

    Not always by what I see.

    When all I wanted was to fly.

    To hope, to dream.

    To become one in wholeness,

    not just wrapped in a cloak of compassion

    that had the words,

    but not the sounds that made this real to me.

    To love without holding on.

    Spirit, heart, soul and flesh

    often break a million different ways

    before rebirth comes wrapped in arms of simple things.

    Letting go of praying supplications

    I drink from this cup.

    Knowing that all I ever was….

    was just me.

    Just me looking for a way

    to find a heart that became more than a need,

    more than a dream.

    Choosing to love sets free the supplications desire

    where ego need not fear.

    Where ever this takes me.

    This is ok too.

    A simple breath in time

    that says Love is most pure

    when its found in the rain.

    A hope that brings out the stars,

    the dark,

    the light of day.

    The ground in me.

    Oh heart cry no more for choices made.

    These are lovers in places

    where we find our way.

    Sometimes we have the sun.

    Sometimes the rain.

    More for all of these

    the seasons of the heart, spirit, and souls

    to walk in flesh made shells.

    Love will find a way

    when winds are given room to blow the dust away.

    Strong and sure a trust that will forever be.

    The earth made room for me.

    Cradled in her arms while storms pass by.

    Face the wind

    know a humbleness not explained.

    Face the waters of the soul where rivers like fires sometimes rage.

    The calm is knowing

    theses things are there in what I asked for

    when I sought the sun.

    Elements made one

    when embraced for what they have the power to become.

    Use this magic wisely

    the earth asked of me. For lest the heart forget.

    I asked for truth.

    For change,

    for wisdom from these things.

    I one day too

    had prayed, not for the sun

    But for rain.

  2. osiris

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    like a fountain of energy showering around me, is this, the expression of your subliminal entity, another manifestation of the eternal energy.

    much love :)
  3. tourmaline

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    wow wow wow wow wow wow
  4. Fractual_

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  5. saffronfrancisburnet

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    i loved reading this piece

    hold your vessel with care

    drink carefully in this life

    be whole for all we are

    be loved for you

    thank you for this post
    what a heart mind soul spirit to be torn apart
    only to find yourself whole once more
    love npeace from saff
    keep writing ;;;;;;;;;;
  6. chandra anjali

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    :) I LOVE you!
    forever always straight through time i will love you old crone...thanks for all you've shown me
  7. osiris

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    yes, we are blessed to have the crone posting here in this forum, if only for a short time. i had read some of her stuff in her personal forum before and was quite smitten.

    much love :)
  8. Tiny dancer

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    That is a very very beautiful poem. I think that anyone who is lving can relate to this poem. I read it last night...really hit a spot. I was thinking about it for a bit today when i went on an early morning walk, actually *blush*. Anyway, i just felt the need to tell you that this poem touched my soul....well, thats what love is, isnt it?? Thanks for sharing.


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