Crabs journey from the sea to my kitchen table.

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    I picked up a crabbing hobby last year while fishing. I asked a few crabbers on their gear and how they did it. 1 month later, I compiled everything I needed to go crabbing.

    Ever since going crabbing, I made many dishes using crabs. Infact im quite bored of eating them now. So i took out my camera and went crazy with pictures.

    Here is the process of how crabs get into my kitchen.


    They get pulled from cages. This catch went very well. Undersized ones are thrown back. any crabs measuring above 6.5 inches across the shell are keepers. I use a plastic measuring tool. pic below.


    Once caught, they are cleaned and steamed and peeled. I made crab cakes out of this batch caught a month ago.

    Here is the finished product.


    Portabella mushrooms were on sale at the grocery store so i bought some and made crab stuffed mushrooms. sooo good.


    There were more crab mixture left so I made crab cakes out of them. Also sooo good. most fiine dine restaurants put in a ratio of 50 percent crackers to 50percent crab meat. I used 20% crackers to 80 % crab meat.

    I couldnt over indulge on crabs alone so I took out some spaghetti and made crab pasta. Also very delicious.

    Recipes are found at

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