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Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by Peanutter, Jun 2, 2006.

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    Mostly I just want to discuss, plain out, the drug "ecstacy". I can't go into detail full tonight about my own experiences, but I am most definetly curious about others.

    Since the beginning of this summer, my first, I guess what you would call, "college" summer... I have been doing ecstacy. So far I have taken it 3 times, this weekend will be my fourth. That will be a month I have been using this drug. But I am not at all concerned about the whinning about what it will do to my body or my brain, none of that shit.

    It's more like... I am just facsinated by this drug. I know it is psychologically addictive, trust me I can see my own signs of that addiction. But is it bad to want it so bad come friday?

    For the first two weeks we had green/white speckled mercadese(excuse my poor spelling), and the third week we had white Triple X... those were good rolls by my own definition, and I had a lot of fun. But now my friend has picked up some red superman, and I have read very little about them. All I have heard so far is that they are "methy" which I guess means, they have a lot of the effects of meth(I have never done any drugs besides marijuana and ecstasy, nor do I plan on it!)... but I have also heard they make you sort of sexual. I wanted to know... how sexual do they make you ? Because I don't want to hurt anyones feelings and there will be people around me who are not rolling, I don't want to go to far with this. I was wondering if I should save those pills for a time when I can be with more people I trust. Rather more people I can trust MYSELF with.

    I really like using ecstacy... I have had a lot of great times so far. And even when my friends and I are not on it, or when we are sober, we find ourselves feelings closer to eachother, and more at ease with everything going on around us. So just tell me your opinions, and your experience on X... That is mainly what I am looking forward to hearing. Especially if you have an explaination about the red supermans.

    Thanks, lots.

    XOXO, Peanut!
  2. dude! you should check out go there and you can look up any pill you want and sometimes it will tell you whats in them and find out what other's experiences have been with the pills you've taken. A very helpful website.
    As for the red supermen, we had some of those around here (they may have been blue) and i heard they were terrible, total meth bombs but you should check them out on pill reports.
  3. Peanutter

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    Thanks, because I really had a bad feeling about the red superman. And another thing is one of my friends who is going to take one use to be a meth head and I don't want her to get too strong of a kick from the pill- Could send her into a relaps. Thanks for the website I will definetly go check on that.
  4. Peanutter

    Peanutter Member

    I can definetly relate to that because I already feel like not doing it as much as I did the first few weeks. So I am cool with it. I'm doing it tonight though I will tell you what.

    And about my red supermans, total methbombs. We found a local person who could test, and we traded them in for clean eclaimation points. Still skiddish about it because I am not into the drug sceen enough to know who to trust. But I figure if I die trying to roll I died fine. Lol. Maybe that's a cheap alliby but I will stick by it and just take my pill.

    Have a fun weekend =D
  5. if you died rolling it wouldn't really be a fine way to die

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