could I be pregnant?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by LuLemenLu, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. LuLemenLu

    LuLemenLu Guest

    Ok so I was a virgin up utill a few weeks ago
    .*My period is about 2/3 weeks lates. My last one was near the end of may.

    So on june he got his tip into me but that was it. No condom. Lasted about 5seconds
    On the 25th June we had protected sex twice. Once he had came I laid on top of him for a while before removig it out of me.
    On the 2nd of july we had sex twice. The first time was protected. The second time he went in for about a minute or two before pulling out and putting a condom back on to finish.
    I was wondering what the likely hood of me being pregnant really is.
    I was due for my period at the start of july and it hasnt come yet.
    The past few weeks ive had:
    that white sticky viginal discharge that happens around the time you ovulate. That has been going on since the end of June.*
    The past week I've noticed:
    I've been eating more
    Ive been tired to the point where I actually had a nap yesterday and still slept for nearly 8 hrs last night.
    My boobs are sore as hell. Not all the time but they have been that way for a few days now.
    My nipples are peeling. First time thats ever happened to me. Could that be because he's been sucking on them during sex?
    My stomach has been sore and cramping. Almost as bad as when ive got my period. And when I'm just about to get it.
    This morning I went to brush my teeth and I came close to chucking up for some reason.*I also havent had as much energy.

    Am I just over thinking my period symptoms because I just lost my vaginity or is there a possibility I could be pregnant?
    I took a test last week and it was negitive. But I might have tested to early?
    All opinions and advise is more then welcome

    Isn't it just a bit to early though? I mean if the unprotected was just last week
    I was still a virgin when I posted that question
    I know unprotected sex can lead to becoming pregnant. Im 22. But he didn't come in me5 hours ago
    Took another test today and came up negative. Am I testing to early?
  2. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Morning sickness sounds positive. I'm going to say yes, yes you are pregnant.
  3. LuLemenLu

    LuLemenLu Guest

    Even if the test comes up negative? Is it to early for the test?
  4. LuLemenLu

    LuLemenLu Guest

    Plus I only had sex 2 weeks ago and 1 week ago was unprotected only for a minite.
  5. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I dunno. I'm a lesbian, ain't gonna experience any of this.
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  6. LuLemenLu

    LuLemenLu Guest

    Ah damn. Hopefully I get some people replying who do have experience then
  7. Hapiel

    Hapiel Guest

    'unprotected for only a minute', why take the risk?

    Anxiety, even if you don't notice it so much mentally can change a LOT to a womens cycle. With two women I slept they had their next period delayed after having sex together the first time, and in both cases they turned out not to be pregnant.

    I do not know much about pregnancy tests, but if I were you I'd trust them. This article explains that you can test yourself 10 days after ovulation. With 2 weeks over your period that should have been like 4 weeks ago? Long enough!

    Wait for another week, and if you do not get your period do another test/talk to your doctor. Trying to relax is hard but it is probably the best medicine to getting your cycle working again!

    To prevent this from happening have safe sex only! It is worth it.
  8. 52~unknown~52

    52~unknown~52 Member

    probably not pregnant...idk i had many pregnant symptoms a while back, i took a test and with the relief came the most painful cramping period of my life. the counselor i was talking too said your body can mimic symptoms if you think too much about it. but yeah i had sore boobs and puking nd missed periods for about 3 months. I was told i could have been a miscarriage but i didnt have any sort of pregnancy hormones in my system.

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    Dear Lu,

    I Have Taken The Time To Read All Of The Posts You Have Made Here,

    Methinks The Only Missing Link In This Whole Saga Is That You Chose

    To Consult The Members Of This Forum Rather Than A

    Qualified Medical Practitioner...[​IMG]

    Cheers Glen.

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