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    Cosmic Trigger; the Final Secret of the Illuminati by Robert Anton Wilson
    ( And/Or press, First Edition October 1978 ) Soft-Cover, 269 pp.

    > Robert Anton Wilson tells about his early experiences with Peyote & his vision of the "little green man"!
    ( he became interested in peyote after reading a review of Huxley's Doors of perception in the National Review! ). He also tells of LSD experiments carried out by himself & his many scientist friends!

    > His experiments with the methods of magick training as described in the books of Aleister Crowley.

    > Crowley's system is a synthesis of 3 elements...

    1. Western Occultism. the secret "illluminated" teaching out 19th. century Rosicrucianism, going back thru medieval witchcraft, the Knights Templar, European Sufis, Gnosticism, the Eleusinian Mysteries ect...'

    2. Easter Yoga, meditation plus physical exercises & Tantric "sexual" yoga.

    3. Modern scientific method. Crowley taught keeping of careful records of each "experiment", and detached philosophical analysis after each stage of increased awareness.

    > His studies of the teaching's of G.I Gurdjief... in brief, he holds that human beings are evolving from mammalhood to immortality.
    Almost all of us are still on the mammalian level - robots controlled by conditioning. We think we are consciousness, but we aren't. We are asleep, hypnotized, sleep-walking - the metaphors vary, but they all mean we can't see ourselvesoutside our conditioned reality-tunnel. When we begin to awaken, we perceive that the world is nothing at all like the myths and superstitions our society has imposed on us.

    > Wilson also tells of his personal relationship with Timothy Leary, His visit to Millbrook, Leary's time spent on the run, his imprisonment, the star-seed experiments, & Leary's Table of Evolution explaining the eight circuits of the nervous system.

    > He also tells of his Five years ( 1966-71 ) as an Associate Editor at Playboy. Where he & fellow author Robert Shea first got the idea of writing the Illuminatus Trilogy!

    > Other far-out stuff includes... Principa Discordia, the prospects of immortality, the Cosmic Coincidence Control Center, the 23 engima, Contacts with "Higher Intelligences" from the Dog Star Sirius!
    the McKennas 64 time scales reaching their peak at the end of 2112! & Much More including...

    > A Chart of the Illuminati "Conspiracy".

    1. it's the Bavarian Illuminati!

    2. It's the Bilderbergers!

    3. It's the 33' degree Masons!

    4. It's the Elders of Zion!

    5. It's the Gnomes of Zurich!

    6. It's the Jesuits!

    7. It's the Military Industrial Complex!

    8. the Yankees ( Eastern millionaires) run everything!

    9. the Cowboys ( Western millionaires ) run everything!

    10. It's the result of a civil war between the Yankees & Cowboys!

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