Coolest Places You Have Visited?

Discussion in 'Travel Polls' started by BostonBill, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    Auschwitz, Poland
    Externsteine, Germany
    Norwegian Fjords
  2. sunfighter

    sunfighter Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    #1 Rome. The ancient sites and the Vatican.
    #2 Negril, Jamaica in 1979. Real Rastas, real ganja and shrooms, and real roots reggae.
    #3 The Yucatan. Snorkeling with giant sea turtles. Gorgeous topless women on the beach.
  3. FritzDaKatx2

    FritzDaKatx2 Vinegar Taster

    #1: Oregon Coast, Fresh Crab, mushrooms, veggies, Deer, etc.

    #2: Death valley area, solitude and abundant resources for craftspeople

    #3: Backwoods GA. Love the Humidity.

    #4: Cozumel MX in the mid 80's at least.

    #5 Ely Minnesota Boundary waters in the springtime,,, the warmer it it, the higher the rank gets. The colder, the lower. At some point's I'd say it would rank in the 300's at worst.

    And I'd have to bet you couldn't get me out of the Outback with anything less than a Shotgun.

    New Zealand seems to be the Bomb in many way's, unfortunately one of them is the fact it sits IN a Caldera.
  4. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Haleakela,Maui. Quietest place I've been.
    Across Canada,1970. Nice country& people
    Back woods Florida,where rednecks shoot their own dogs if they eat their neighbors or their own chickens.
  5. gina899

    gina899 Member

    Pretty hard to say what the coolest place was. I haven't traveled that much, but of the places I HAVE been, French Polynesia ranks high. Went with a boyfriend a couple of years ago. It's really out of the way - someone told us when we were there that Hawaii gets more visitors in a month than Tahiti gets in a year. It's is beautiful, and the French food is to die for.

    Beaches are not white and sandy as most tourists like. Instead, they tend to be small and made of black (volcanic) sand. Things are a bit expensive, though. We visted Tahiti, Bora Bora, Mo'orea (the typical tourist islands). I'm planning to go back sooner rather than later. No boyfriend (at the moment, anyway) - partially good, partially bad, I think. Next time I want to pretty much avoid the Big Three and spend my time on the outer, less traveled islands. French Polynesia snorkling is (relatively) unspoiled, too. I'm not a scuba diver, but snorkeling is cool. You can really travel light, too. When I travel, I usually go with just a carry on. Don't need as much girlie stuff as most do, I guess. I have long, curly red hair, so I can wash it, comb it, and forget about it. Oh, and girls, one of the nice things about going to French Polynesia is that there's no need to pack a bikini top (unless you go at Christmas and need to hang something from the mantle for people to put your gifts in)
  6. ywarpeace

    ywarpeace Ye Old Soul

  7. sunfighter

    sunfighter Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    You weren't on the Festival Express, were you?
  8. Cgoods

    Cgoods Member

    Top two would be Fiji and East Timor

    East Timor was amazing i went with a group (instead of getting trashed at leavers), we stayed in a cute little village in the mountains 2 hours from dili (main city). It is so remarkably gorgeous and the people are so loving. We went to help orphan children, build water pipllines to villages with no access to clean drinking water and to teach english. It was the best trip if been on by far and the most scenic :)
  9. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

    #1 Amsterdam,Netherlands
    #2 London UK
    #3 Scotland UK
  10. Ililsasta

    Ililsasta Member

    1. Tanzania, Africa - Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. We mixed Safari which my partner always wanted to do with a beach holiday.

    2. Amalfi Coast, Italy - Stunning scenery, amazing food and lovely people.

    3. Havana, Cuba - Wow! I was suprised at how beautiful the architecture was and loved learning the history of Old Havana.
  11. toocoolpool

    toocoolpool Member

    Alaska In USA was pretty fun very quiet not much going on but the scenery was awesome and lots of wild life!
  12. texas.grok

    texas.grok Member

    1) The White Desert in Egypt (Western desert). At dusk it is like being on another planet. I liked it because it was so strange looking. The safari was run by the local bedouins and they setup the camp, cooked the food, etc. Great time.


    2) Former Soviet Union nuclear weapons test zone in Kazakhstan. Long story short, I was working out there doing radiation monitoring. I loved it because it was someplace that only a handfull of Americans have ever seen.

    3) Above the arctic circle, Northern Russia in February. Again, someplace the nobody wants to go to, I went because I had never been before. I was glad to leave but am glad to say that I have been there.
  13. Laucala, Amanazoe, Six Senses, Four Seasons, and Tawaraya.
  14. AmyBeachGirl

    AmyBeachGirl Member

    There are quite a few different natural formations in Australia, worth a visit, like the natural formations of the Bungle Bungles.
  15. lxd

    lxd Member

    Nappa Valley/San Fransisco, CA,
    The Henry Ford museum in Dearborn, MI
    Cozumel Mexico is beautiful,
    The Allegany State Park,
    Yosemite/Kings Canyon is my favourite,
    Sleeping Bear dunes, or any Great Lake :)
    Colorado! :sunny:
  16. probably Sicily, or USA are my favorite.
  17. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Banned

    I have never been out of the country. Of the few states I have traveled to, I would have to state that the D.C. area is my favorite. Mainly due to the museums.
  18. blondgrrl

    blondgrrl Member

    I love Amsterdam. It's a beautiful city, with little cafes all along the canals. You can sit there all day with a beer and just people watch. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and the people are very open minded (of course!). I was there for gay pride and it seemed like the entire town participated. I had tears in my eyes to see that much love and acceptance for the gay community. And the night life! All kinds of clubs and bars, open late and it's safe (well, mostly) to walk around. You just have to be a bit careful of stupid drunk tourists (at least on person per night jumps into the canals, apparently) and some weirdos around the red light district. Museums, day trips to the surrounding small towns- there's enough to do there for weeks. I can't wait to go again.

    I've also been to India three times, and the place that has impressed me the most was Hampii, Karnataka It's surreal, a small village totally surrounded by ruins and these huge boulders. The atmosphere is much more laid back than other parts of India I've been to, it's a very small town and the locals are really friendly. There aren't as many pushy touts, and even the rickshaw drivers are chill. No one hassled us to buy a drum the entire time! LOL. Alcohol is illegal in that part of India, so they get around the law by serving beer in teapots. It's really funny to be sitting in a restaurant drinking beer out of elegant tea cups.
  19. I travelled all around the world and it's impossible to make a top 3.
    I will try though, but this might change.

    1. Galapagos
    2. Easter Island
    3. Bagan, Myanmar

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