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    Have you ever just been so content with the person you're with? It's rare, and once you have it, unimaginably blissful.
    I met my boyfriend, Dustin, here at Keystone, the ski resort we both work at. I was talking to someone else at the time (he treated me like crap, by the way), and I was too shy to talk to Dustin. Well, the other guy ditched me for some skank. Unaware that Dustin liked me, I went to him and his friends' room and vented about how upset I was.
    My girlfriend came in, clearly drunk, and started playing with my hair.."Isn't she goooorgeous? Oh my god, I love your hair."
    The guys just kinda chuckled at her, but I heard Dustin say under his breath "Definitely gorgeous..". Amazed, I took notice of his comment...I didn't know what to say.
    A few days later I ran into him outside, on the way to the store. He came over to just say hi..and i couldn't take my eyes off of him. As he was talking to me, all i could do was stare at those deep brown eyes, the sun reflecting off the white white snow onto his tan, flawless face. Why was he so interested in me? I couldn't be good enough for this gorgeous, seemingly perfect guy.
    Then I got a letter from my real boyfriend, away in Korea in the army...He was leaving me as well. Alone, depressed, confused...and all I could think about was him...I knew then that it was time to tell Dustin how I felt...I went to him/his friends' room only to see him looking all cozy with some other girl. Disappointed again, I left...
    After talking to my girlfriend about what I should do, she convinced me to go talk to him. I went back over, late at night. They were getting ready to go to bed...pulling out an air mattress. The other girl was anticipating him to come lay with her. He saw me, and saw his chance. I knew I had mine as well. We went into the hallway to smoke...and never came back. ; )
    He's been living at my place since then (mid-December). I'm so completely happy with this man. And so glad I didn't hold back. All I can say is this is going to be one sweet winter.
    Sorry I really don't have anything relevant to ask/say...I just wanted to talk about my baby : )
  2. i love my boyfriend so much too, i live with him he is so nice and lovely.
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    LittleOne, what an excellent story! :) It's wonderful to get to that place of total comfort, where you can be yourself and say inane things and make a fool of yourself and know that they are still going to love you completely. I'm so happy for you! Magicalprincesskid, where did you meet your boyfriend? Tell us your story!
  4. TheLittleOne

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    Yea too bad he dumped me two days ago...ass...
    sweet fuckin' winter...

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